Friday, June 26, 2015

Love Can't Wait!

It's a monumental day in history today. Finally, EVERYONE can marry the person they love. Isn't that what life's all about?

Monday, June 15, 2015

A little Blues

What a weekend! I have been trying to take it pretty easy during these June weekends of Summer since we have such a busy July ahead of us. On Wednesday, I went for a long walk at Wash Park with my friends Emily & Laura and then afterwards we had dinner at True Food. Thursday night, Matt and I made mushroom risotto together and watched as streets essentially flooded throughout Denver--only to wake up to a dry city.

Friday night, Matt took me on a date to Carmine's on Penn. We have been wanting to try out this restaurant for awhile, and the food (Italian) was delicious! We also really loved the outdoor-covered seating and the staff was really great. It was a lovely night!

On Saturday, I had someone from Craigslist come to my apartment to take my BIG ASS Floral couch that I somehow got stuck with throughout the past few years. I listed it as free and was surprised when someone really wanted it. It's super comfortable and well-made, but I was just happy to have someone come and move it out of my apartment for me, since we are moving the first weekend in August (to another neighborhood in Denver). On Sunday, a cute couple came and bought my dinning room table (a cheap Ikea find that I got a lot of use out of over the years, but won't be coming with us on our upcoming move!).

Saturday afternoon, we went to our friends Alli & Erics' house for a shrimp boil. Then we all headed to the S. Pearl Street Bluegrass Festival for the afternoon. It was hot hot hot outside, but we had a blast.

Later that night we ordered Anthony's Pizza for dinner and watched the movie "Nick & Norah's Playlist" which was super cute and enjoyable.
Sunday, we went to our friends Greg & Natalie's new beautiful house for their housewarming & engagement party. It was so nice to enjoy some BBQ on their back porch and talk to the girls while the guys played ping pong in the basement. Natalie and Greg have such a nice home and I'm really looking forward to their March wedding!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Summer is Here!

It is finally sunny, hot, and NOT raining out here in Denver! I love Summer time here and am so happy that we are probably not going to get any more snow until this upcoming winter again (you'd be surprised though...last year it snowed in June...).

This past week I made a delicious summer dinner of squash/zuchinni (sautéed with garlic), baked sweet potatoes, and turkey meatloaf (my trick is to add a little bit of parmesan to the mix...and also oregano, parsley, and basil) smothered in BBQ sauce before baking.

On Friday night, Matt and I watched "Still Alice". I read the book during our trip to Mexico this winter, and Julianna Moore was pretty incredible in the film version. Such a heartbreaking story.

On Saturday morning we woke up and cooked a large brunch. Banana pancake + Turkey bacon + scrambled eggs. YUM!

That day we sat out by the pool and read our books (I am re-reading The Sun Also Rises)...then went on a walk at Wash Park and saw this cute little family of ducks! I also ran errands and then got ready for a girls night out with my girl friends!

The girls and I had a long cocktail hour at Emily's condo, and then went to Historian/Punch Bowl Social/and Irish bar. We had such a fun night per usual!

Emily's friend Kristin was in town from PA and she was a total gem!

On Sunday, first thing I facetimed my Dad to wish him a happy birthday!!!! What a lucky daughter I am to have this guy as my Dad! He's the best! LOVE YOU DAD!
Sunday afternoon I worked out and took a nap--then hit up the store for some supplies for a birthday BBQ we went to at our friend Stef's house on Sunday evening for Kerry's 33rd birthday party! We had a nice time, the weather was perfect, and everyone brought such awesome food!
A great Summer weekend in the books!