Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Waldorf Astoria Wedding

This past weekend I had the honor of being in one of my best friend's weddings in Park City. Elaine has been one of my favorite people since I first met her during sorority rush, Freshman year of college. We were in Kappa Alpha Theta together and lived together throughout college. A year after graduate school Elaine moved to Utah and met her now husband while playing in a rec sports league--specifically they were playing dodge ball..which she will never live down...but it's hilarious if you know her!

They spent the last year and a half planning the most beautiful and fun wedding!

Thursday night, we started off with a girls night out three-course dinner in downtown Park City! We played Ad Libs which were specialized for her wedding etc...and we showered her with a little bridal lingerie!

With two of my other besties from college, Brit & Stephanie:

On Friday, I slept in a bit and relaxed in my beautiful room at the Waldorf Astoria. The grounds of the Waldorf are amazing--especially so their spa. I wish it had been a bit warmer out because we would have definitely used this amazing pol!

These were hot stone chairs in the spa!

On Friday night, the bridal party participated in the rehearsal and then all of us plus family went to High West Saloon & Distillery for the rehearsal dinner. The RD wasn't a typical sit-down affair, and instead involved a lot of socializing (which I loved!), heavy passed appetizers and then some buffet style food (such as soba noodles & fried chicken)...the dessert spread was gorgeous too. It was really fun to talk to more people than you generally would at a sit-down dinner.

After the RD, we went back to the hotel and met our other girl friends and their husbands/fiances/boyfriends at the hotel bar for some fun! I was so happy to be reunited with my Miami gals!

These two are getting married next!

It was supposed to rain all weekend, but thankfully when we woke up on Saturday morning, the weather was beautiful!!

We spent all day beautifying in the bridal suite and getting our hair & makeup done by professional hair & makeup artists. We also spent some time making sure Elaine's dress was steamed!

Elaine & her awesome sister Laura! These two are a great team!

This is typical us <3:

The bride look absolutely flawless and her dress was even more amazing in person. She looked like herself, which I think was important...and she was the most beautiful bride!


The wedding ceremony was so moving and they wrote their own vows (while also saying traditional ones) was super beautiful, and it made me think about what I would do on my own wedding day--I would probably end up sobbing (Elaine kept her composure) so maybe I would just do traditional vows? haha.

After wedding party pictures...we headed to meet our buddies at the Tent for cocktail hour!

Reunited with my girls! They are all such beauties & have made my life so fun and special!

I was wearing fake eyelashes...which I loved! The artist also filled in my eyebrows which was a fun look.


The band was really great and the food was delicious! I had a few bites of the wedding cake and it was to-die-for! Basically every detail of the wedding was amazing because Elaine is very organized and detailed oriented.

Dom & Su know how to throw a great party! Thanks so much for having me :-)

We probably had a little too much fun on the dance floor!

While the guys took a few breaks from dancing to watch the final few minutes of the hockey game on G's phone haha.

Dom-Daughter dance!

I went to bed on Saturday pretty exhausted but so happy for Elaine & Jeff! They have such wonderful families and I know that they will make a very happy life together.

Sunday morning, we stopped by the brunch her parents hosted...the spread was unreal...then headed off to the airport for home.

It was such an amazing wedding weekend and I cannot even describe how happy I am for E&J. It's a precious thing in this world, to see the people you love find the one their hearts belong with.  Congratulations, Elaine!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekend Recap

I'm having one of those Mondays where I accidently woke up only 20 minutes before I had to leave my house to get to work on-time...then, it started raining while I was walking downtown and I forgot my umbrella at home...and I feel nauseous and exhausted because it's raining and grey out and has been for two weeks (unheard of in Denver). I'm simply ready for this short-week to be over so that I can be on my way to Utah for one of my best friend's weddings that I am in!

So anyhow, now that I've bitched a whole lot in basically one run-on sentence...

The other week, I made a delicious crock-pot recipe. I had to brown the Italian sausage before throwing it in the crock pot (annoying)...but my "wife" (aka my crockpot) cooked the rest of dinner. I threw in a package of frozen cheese tortellini, a big bag of fresh spinach, 2 cans of diced canned tomatoes (no salt added) with oregano & some chicken broth...and a little bit of cream cheese.  This recipe definitely makes some leftovers and turned out more like a soup (probably because I didn't put in the full amount of cream cheese b/c it seemed too fattening). I put this on high for 3 hours and it was delicious. Sorry I forgot to take an after picture. Next time, I may use way less chicken broth..and cook on low for 8 hours and see what happens, I imagine it would be more creamy. Nonetheless, my guy loved this dish!

Last weekend, on Friday, Matt and I and our friends Cary, Mira, Ali, and EK went to Comedy Works to see a hilarious comedy show. Don't ask me the name of the comedian because I couldn't tell you, but we laughed for a solid hour and a half. Afterwards, it was pouring rain outside, but we hit up a few bars to celebrate Matt closing on a HUGE deal at work--about a year of work concluded in this so we are all really proud of him, especially me! This guy works harder than anyone I know, and truly is the best!

I'm not sure why any time I add a photo from Instagram on the blog, it looked somewhat blurry? Love me through it.

This past week I made the most delicious big ass salad for date night---with ham & swiss cheese and hard boiled onion...and romaine lettuce. It was pretty bossy. I also made some cornbread which doesn't exactly go with a B.A.S. but whatever, it was delicious.

This weekend, on Friday I went to happy hour with girlfriends after work...then went to see Mad Max in theaters with M. It was really action packed and much better than the original movie I thought (less disturbing anyhow). On Saturday, we ran errands and worked out, then I went to see Pitch Perfect with three of my girlfriends--it was funny, but I definitely don't think "Fat Amy" is the most amusing character. Afterwards, Matt and I watched "Stuck in Love" which is an amazing movie (on Netflix now) and made this delicious and easy dinner (Baked chicken with lemon pepper seasoning...asparagus...and Spelt Risotto from the frozen section of TJ's for something fast & easy):

Sunday, I spent a solid three hours at the mall shopping with Emily (though I only bought something from Sephora--the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue--loving it so far!)-- I tried on the below dress from Ann Taylor (currently 40% off online) and love it...might scoop it up for one of the 4 weddings we are attending this Summer!
Ann Taylor
We ended the night grilling out with friends (we ate inside due to the rain), finishing off the weekend in a really fun way!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekend Recap

I have had a busy and wonderful last few weeks! The weather is starting to really heat up, though we are definitely in store for a week full of grey & rainy days this week.

A few tasty things I have made for dinner for Matt and I recently:

Ground Turkey Breast & Veggie stuffed peppers...

Mushroom Risotto (start of it):

Lemon-Parm-Garlic Orzo, BBQ Turkey meatloaf, and lemon broccoli

This past week on Thursday, we went to a happy hour for all alumni who attended colleges and universities in Ohio that are living in Denver. We met some new people and got to mingle with current friends as well. It's always pretty shocking how many people from Ohio (or who have lived in Ohio at points, like myself) migrate out to Denver.

On Friday after work, we went to a happy hour to celebrate our friend Stefanie's work promotion. We sat on the rooftop of Vita and really enjoyed the perfect weather and great conversation.

Later in the night, Matt and I prepped for a Derby-Engagement party, and made the mint simple syrup for the mint juleps--easy & delicious!

Saturday during the day, we dressed up and headed to Brian & Meghan's house for their engagement party (Derby themed). We had a blast hanging outside all day with friends, and probably drank a little too much bourbon!

The girls at the party!

Their hilarious neighbor Landis "fishing"...

Watching the race on tv!

Later in the night, the sweet couple took to dancing on the coffee table--classic!

After the engagement party, we headed to my gal Emily's place for some more fun! It was a lonnnnng day and I was feelin pretty rough yesterday, but it was super fun!

He thought this was hysterical...;-)

I Spent most of Sunday snugged up to this sweet little one!

Looking forward to the week and to seeing one of my best friends, Rebecca, this upcoming weekend!