Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cabo San Lucas 2015!

Finally uploading pictures from our trip to Cabo!

On March 6th, we celebrated my birthday in Denver early, with a date to Black Pearl restaurant. This place is so yummy, and I have ordered their scallop dish both times we have eaten here. It didn't disappoint!

My handsome boyfriend got the lamb...thanks for dinner babe! 

This guy also bought me an amazingggggg birthday present--a Kitchen Aid Mixer. I was absolutely shocked when I opened the box, because it's one of the nicest gifts I have ever received in my entire life! I definitely wasn't expecting to get one of these until I registered for it when I get married!--So I am very excited about this gift, and happy that this guy listens to my random mumbling (and takes note!) about things I want haha. Can't wait to make so much with it!

The next morning, my birthday, we woke up early and headed to the airport to take off for Cabo! What an amazing birthday morning, right?! Not only that, but my wonderful parents met us down there :-). We stayed at the Hacienda Del Mar vacation club (this is NOT all-inclusive...I don't like all-inclusive) in the Sheraton hotel complex in Cabo, which was lovely and unaffected by the Hurricane last Fall (well, it was completely recovered from the hurricane).

Before dinner at the resort--all of their restaurants were amazing..

My dress is last season from Forever21, gold flip flops from JCrew, Necklace H&M, Purse: Louis Vuitton, and Jean Jacket: Madewell (which I wear all the time!)

We sipped on quite a few cold drinks!

This babe fell asleep at the pool after a long day of traveling!

We had my birthday dinner with my family at one of the resort restaurants...and treated ourselves to surf & turf (which included a lobster tail).

Momma & Matt

This was our personal porch/patio from our room...very nice!

We also made it down to the Marina quite a bit in downtown Cabo...

Went running on the beach...which was really really effing hard due to the slope!

I looked awkward in a lot of pictures haha...

I met a new boyfriend ;-)...

One night, we purchased HUGE lobster tails, and grilled them up at our resort....aka. Matt grilled them up. They turned out so delicious!

We had a small kitchen in our room so we made a few meals...which was great b/c I really dislike eating out for every meal on vacation..

This guy makes my heart happy!

The resort was really lovely...and I read 5 books while on vacation! Currently finishing up The Girl on the Train--if you haven't read this, get on it. I also really liked Andy Cohen's Diary, Oprah's book, What Alice Forgot, and Still Alice.

One of the coolest things about Cabo is that there are whales EVERYWHERE. This was around 9am right by the infinity pool.

That Monday night, the four of us took an ocean cruise on the Rissalena to see whales. They had an open bar and really delicious homemade dinner on the boat, and we saw a LOT of whales. This was an awesome deal (google: Rissalena, Eduardo, Cabo and you can get in touch with them) and so much fun! Taylor from The Daily Tay recommended this to me, and I'm so glad we went!

Later that week we also stopped by one of the local beaches (not connected to our resort) and went swimming! The water is beautiful in Cabo, and there were so many fish swimming around underneath us.

That Tuesday night, we decided to head into downtown Cabo for an authentic Mexican meal. It was recommended that we eat at Catrina's downtown. The food was extremely good--especially the guacamole and queso! Though this was NOT fancy.

Our waiter made the guacamole right in front of us. This was a no-frills restaurants, but I'm very glad we went.

Matt had to head back to work that Wednesday, but I stayed the rest of the week and hung out with my family! I read a lot of books, relaxed, drank Gin & Tonics made by my Dad, and slept-in. I also came home with a pretty nice tan ;-).

I wore this really dorky hat all week to keep the sun off of my face...

My cute parents at the pool

Soaking in the last of our vacation!...but knowing us, we'll be back to Mexico next year! Thanks Mom & Dad!!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Parent's Weekend!

I had such a wonderful weekend meeting Matt's parents! The last time they flew out to Denver was the weekend before Matt and I met, so it was high time we met!

This past Thursday, Matt's lovely parents flew in to hang out with us in Denver. We hung out at Matt's house and ate Anthony's Pizza on Thursday night, Friday night after work we met up for a delicious dinner at Osterio Marco (Italian food) and walk around downtown, and then Saturday we set off for the mountains.

Saturday morning we ate brunch at our favorite brunch spot, then continued on to Breckenridge for a beautiful day of walking around. The weather was perfect (though not perfect if you were skiing!) so we enjoyed a beer on an outdoor deck, as well as some window shopping. We were even able to bring them up the gondola to the base of the ski resort.

Later that night, we headed back to Denver and decided to order Thai food and watch Imitation Game. This was probably the best movie I have seen in the last two years--so I highly recommend it!

Here are a few pictures from our trip up to the Mountains:

On Sunday morning we brunched at Blackbird, then headed to The Denver Museum of Art for the Joan Miro exhibit. There was some really amazing art throughout the museum, and I can't wait until one day when I actually have awesome stuff in my house :-). After the museum we headed down to S. Pearl street to walk around and grab a late lunch/early dinner at Matt's favorite burger joint.
It was such a fun weekend and I'm so glad and not surprised that M's parents are easy to get along with and wonderful! I am definitely looking forward to seeing them again soon, hopefully in Matt's hometown next time!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


This past week, in anticipation of our "Spring Break" trip to Cabo next week, I cooked up some shrimp, chicken, and veggie fajitas with a side of black beans & rice! Mexican food is probably my favorite cuisine, so I enjoyed every bite....plus leftovers the next day for lunch (I love leftovers).! It made me so excited for our trip next week to beat this cold...speaking of cold, it's looking very dark & stormy out today--snow is predicted!

I also whipped up some easy, mini-graham cracker pudding pies. These take next to no time at all to make. I buy the pre-made mini graham cracker crusts...then make a big box of chocolate pudding (I use the chocolate pudding that you mix boiling hot milk into...not cold milk...it pours/sets more easily into the crusts)....then I refrigerate for about an hour or two before serving. These are great as leftovers too ;-).

On Thursday, my friend Emily and I went out to grab happy hour and appetizers at The Historian. It was her birthday last Friday, and the next few weeks are super busy for both of us, so it was nice to celebrate a little!

On Friday night, we hit up our friend Brian's birthday party at Hanson's. I had never been to Hanson's before, but the scene was relaxed and fun--with lots of parties playing pool! Kind of reminded me of one big frat house...but no keg stands in sight!

Saturday morning, Matt and I grabbed brunch at a new place in the neighborhood--The Blackbird. I had two eggs over easy on a bed of cauliflower hash. It was absolutely delicious...however a little bit too large to finish! Matt has his regular of eggs benedict. I loved the d├ęcor and atmosphere of this restaurant, and given that there was no line, we will certainly be back. I can't wait to try a piece of their candied bacon next time!

Saturday afternoon, I used my new Dyson Vacuum cleaner...which is UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING! I'm super concerned b/c this means that my last vacuum cleaner literally did NOTHING for the last year.

Either way, it felt extremely satisfying to clean that much crap out of the carpets! I also got in a good workout!

Saturday night, we went to the Miami of Ohio University vs. Denver University ice hockey game at DU. We attended a Miami Ohio alum pregame at the rink before the game, and then sat through the whole game. We unfortunately lost, but it was still fun to root on my team!

Not sure why this picture appears "foggy"?...

On Sunday, my best friend Tory celebrated her birthday!! We have been best friends since we were babies and I literally don't have a memory that doesn't either involve her, or where she wasn't my best friend, which is something to be said! Can't wait to see this girl soon and I know this year will be awesome for her!!! Love you Toots!

On Sunday, I worked out, ran some errands, and hung out with this sweet girl and watched some tv! I also stopped by Whole Foods...love that place...but more like "Whole Paycheck"! ;-).

Sunday night, I went over to Matt's and we cooked up some mushroom pasta for dinner...and dug deep into House of Cards Season 3...holy crap this show is addicting!! Trying to space it out a little bit this season though.

This is entirely random...but I am going to a St. Patty's Day party...and am planning on making and bringing this cake as a host gift!...