Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Girl's Ski Weekend in Vail

 On Thursday night, Matt came over for some baked chicken and mushrooms and a movie night!

Friday after work I was supposed to head up to Vail to meet girl friends for a ski trip, however the highway shut down due to accidents/snow...and the weather was just awful. I instead woke up at 4:45am to hit the road and meet my friends for skiing!

It was an incredible day of powder, snow, and sunshine at Vail on Saturday!

We skied the whole day and also had a little fun with the ski resort photographer....photoshoot!

We did apres ski at the mountain...then drove to Breckenridge to spend the night at The Lodge at Breckenridge, which was very cozy, quiet, and nice!

What went from a serene night in front of the fire...then turned into a pretty wild night on the town with the girls! We met up with some of their friends from Boston...and took a few too many shots of fireball! I was thankful that i ended the night chugging waters, since I had to drive Katie to the airport the next morning....but we had a LOT of fun celebrating Emily's 27th birthday (early)!

Around 1:30am....Kristin and Emily ended up dancing on the bar with some of the bartenders...it was hilarious :-)

We had an awesome time on the slopes!! Thanks Em!

Sunday I drove Katie to the airport from Breckenridge which took about 4 hours...went into the office....then hung out with Matt and Peanut!

Matt and I went to an early dinner at this burger joint (can't remember the name for the life of me) on S. Pearl Street and I had the ahi tuna burger--which was actually in this bed of salad...very delicious!

Sunday night, I came home and relaxed with Pean who has been sooo cuddly the last few days!

It was an awesome weekend...and snowed all day Sunday through Monday morning...It's nice today but we're supposed to get another dusting these next few days. Can't wait for my trip to Mexico in March!!!

Monday, February 16, 2015

LOVEly Weekend and Snow!

Well it is currently snowing so hard here in Denver...you would forget that people were wearing shorts and flip-flops all weekend since it was like 65 degrees!

I had a really special and sweet weekend celebrating Valentine's Day with my guy!

On Wednesday night, I made this silly coffee mug for him.....if you don't get it...it's a Star Wars reference, which he found very amusing--he's secretly a dork.

I also tried to make heart-shaped chocolate cookies...but I cannot bake. The Hearts didn't turn out well, and I left the cookies in for about a minute too long. At least I can cook?

Wednesday evening after work, I met up with my friend Emily for girl talk and a hot chocolate at a local coffee shop, we also walked around the Baker neighborhood--was a nice night!

Friday night, Matt and I watched Nightcrawler--Jake G. was amazing in this movie, and I hope he wins some type of award--super creepy and perfect for the role.

Saturday morning, I made coffee in Matt's "Obi-Wan" mug which he loved...and he made me the best French Toast!

Saturday I went on a long run at the park (where people were wearing shorts), hung out with Peanut...then Saturday night Matt and i hit up Table 6 for a romantical dinner...we had this Evening Land pinot noir which was very good.

This is a weird angle, but captures our dishes--I had the Gnuddi and Matt had the Lamb Tips..would definitely go back to this restaurant! P.S. The butter is really good at this restaurant...not sure if that means anything to anyone else, but I mean...also, that's the probably the "fattest" thing I've ever written haha.

After dinner, we met up with our friends Eric and Kate...it was great seeing them and catching up at the Vesper Lounge--which I have never been inside...pretty cool place!

We also made the guys take a few pictures which they were incredibly enthusiastic about...sike! :-)

Sunday, we brunched at DJ's on 9th...Sunday afternoon I was lazy as heck and read Andy Cohen's second book in bed for a few glorious hours...then we went to get a couples' massage at The Woodhouse Day Spa--which is an incredible old mansion that they have converted into a really nice spa. I fell into a sleepy trance afterwards.

Sunday night, I had a girls dinner at my friend Meredith's house--it was delicious and a nice way to end the weekend!

We woke up to a shitload of now...and now I have to go into the office for a full day of work...even though it feels like I should have today off to play in the snow--as many people do today. Oh well, 3 week countdown to Cabo begins now!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and Valentine's Day (or Galentine's Day!)

Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Love Weekend everyone! I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day with your significant other, ladies, friends, animals, or just by yourself with a big ol' bag of chocolates (thank you very much)! While I'm not fanatical about an over-the-top Valentine's Day, I do love a sweet card. It's fun to get the chance to tell your loved ones why you dig them....it's also fun to put on a pretty dress :-).

I am looking forward to a fun dinner date with Matthew tomorrow night followed by a couples massage on Sunday! Should make for a relaxing weekend. Sunday night I'm going to see 50 Shades of Grey with the girls! I'm sure it will be horrendous, but whatever.

Love this guy!! He makes me so incredibly happy and we laugh all the time! It's a humbling thing when you find someone that you love...and better yet when you match up so well on all the important things! I'm proud of you, M--you are exceptional in every way!

P.S. To all my single ladies out there (not sure too many guys read this blog other than my brilliant father--HI DAD, YOU'LL ALWAYS BE MY FIRST VALENTINE EVER!!!)...I know how much this holiday semi-sucks for you (but fuck, there is always chocolate.....and wine)...but in the event that no one has told you today--YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND MORE THAN ENOUGH! Remember, the universe gives you what you need.


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I'm Old.

There comes a point in every woman's life when she needs a vacuum cleaner that doesn't only appear to clean her carpets/floors...but actually does.  So yesterday, instead of asking my mom and dad for something cool for a birthday present, I actually asked for something that is very much needed...this new Dyson Animal Complete vacuum! I'm honestly more excited about receiving this in the mail than anything else...I think that means I've finally become an adult?

Right now Dyson is having a 25% off sale on most of their vacuum via their website (just a headsup...Dyson did not hook me up in any way)...I'll let you know how this bad boy works!!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Martini Party!

Wow, I have completely neglected this space as of late!

Well, a lot of fun has been had the last few weeks! I honestly have been so bad at taking pictures of the things I have been up to...but girl's nights, date nights, events, skiing, cooking, working out, enjoying this nice warm weather (mixed in with a little snowy weather) have pretty much been the mix. Here are a few fun pics!

Made dinner for Matt and I as always two Tuesdays ago...I made a greek yogurt/panko crumb/herb marinated chicken breast that was baked...plus a side of TJ's Sweet Potato Gnocchi and a salad.....I also had him sample this Lentil/Feta/Bruschetta dip that I was pretty obsessed with that week..

Last Tuesday I made a cauliflower/zucchini "pasta" plus stuffed Portobello Mushrooms (which I consider to be a healthier pizza)...

This past Friday, our friend Chris turned 28 so we went to his birthday party hosted by his fiancé Madison at Blake Street Tavern. It was a blast, and I learned that I'm actually pretty exceptional at shuffleboard...or it could be that my partner was exceptionally good...but let's just pretend for a second.

On Saturday morning, M made waffles for breakfast...they were amazing! I know I'm a weirdo, but I don't really eat peanut butter that often...yet, I will always put it on my waffle...

I also went on a long run and enjoyed the 70 degree weather and park full of people playing volleyball and generally pretending like it wasn't February...got my nails done...and attempted to get a car wash....which didn't happen b/c i refuse to wait in line for longer than 15 minutes.

...Later in the day, I put together a little cheese plate for a small pre-game I hosted for some of our friends before the Boys Hope Girls Hope Martini Party at the Colorado History Museum on Saturday:

I was also a boss and put together this overnight French Toast Casserole that I kept in the refrigerator then baked for an hour the next morning before our Brunch with friends--it turned out awesome! The brunch ended up being super fun, and the French toast casserole was a hit!

Here we go! Meeting up with friends (didn't take nearly enough group pictures) for the Martini Party on Saturday night...my date is a hottie:

A bunch of restaurants/bars in Denver came together for the event and competed to whip up the best martini in town...

My dress was from Nordstroms (by B.B. Dakota) and was just under $100....loved it, though the skirt was a little bit "poofy".

Saturday night, Matt and I were home from the event by Midnight (that might be generous)...yet after 4-5 Martinis (perhaps more?) we were struggling...I literally do not drink liquor anymore...only wine/beer...but in the spirit of it being a Martini Party, I pretended like I was 21 and could hang again....we proceeded to order "late night" Papa John's and I serenaded him with country music love songs (each song I would proclaim, "I wrote this for you...") for about two hours...literally two hours of his life he will never.ever.ever.get.back. Poor guy....I weirdly enough didn't feel THAT bad on Sunday, just really exhausted. We went to Brunch at a friend's house on Sunday...where my French toast casserole was a hit! My stomach hurt too much to really eat anything....I also slept approximately all afternoon, which reminds me of why I don't heavily drink at all anymore...b/c I wasted an entire Sunday afternoon being a lazy betch.

We went to see Ascending Jupiter last night...which I'm still pretty mixed on..it was good...enough? Either way, I was happy to get out and do something. I didn't want the weekend to end!

I have two friend lunches planned this week and hopefully getting in some good workouts outside before the snow returns! I'm sure a girl's night will be tucked into this week, and Matt and I have Valetine's Day reservations at a restaurant in town we have been wanting to try out--plus massages on Sunday!

Happy Love Week!