Monday, December 29, 2014

Xmas Recap

I just landed last night back in a snowy (and continuing to snow) Denver after a full 4 days and 5 nights at home in Virginia! It was such a beautiful Christmas, and I was lucky to spend some great quality time with both my family and my girl friends as all of us were home!

On Monday night before we left on Tuesday, Matthew and I did our Christmas together at my apartment. We opened presents, then went to an amazing dinner at The Source building in Denver at a restaurant called Acorn. It's shared plates style, and the food did not disappoint!...Matthew gave me the most thoughtful gifts this year and each were so special to me--he got me a beautiful xmas stocking, a movie i really wanted (The Fault in Our Stars), a pretty wine stopper, a really cute (and soft) Ohio State t-shirt from Homage, an awesome Polar Workout Heart Monitor band that I've been talking about a lot (he listens)--it's really motivating to workout with, and it conveniently connects to my iPhone!, and a gift card to get a massage at this amazing spa in Denver (it's in an old mansion)--can't wait for this massage! He also made me a pink key to his house (very appropriate for how girly I am) which was so sweet-- his card was also incredibly special to me and my favorite gift of all :-). I'm a lucky girl!

I landed in Denver on Tuesday evening, and per usual my Dad picked me up from the airport, and after a quick detour to say hello to my mom at home, brought me straight to dinner with the girls in our favorite neighborhood! We had dinner at Cava then went to the friends are not ones to bow-out early, so I ended up getting home between the hours of 1-2:30am every. single. night...prompting me to fall asleep at 7pm on the couch last night while watching Guardians of the Galaxy with my are some pics from my week!

On Christmas Eve my family hosts a party...what begins as a nice assortment of neighbors, family friends, and my parent's friends....turns into a full on party by 11pm filled with my friends and my brother's friends generally leave around 12:30am--which is the polite thing to do! brother's friends are full on ready to greet Santa, staying until 2 or 3am...which is a little nuts, but we have fun with it! Perhaps in the next few years this will change, once people start having babies of their own to play Santa for? I think my mom will really truly appreciate that change haha.

My best friends always's a nice little tradition we have!

my daddio!

My brother and i!
My best friend since we were babies (Tory) and I have been celebrating xmas eve together since before we remember--I literally do not remember an xmas even when she wasn't at my house! I'm very thankful for this lady, we have been through everything together!

Christmas morning we got a late start and ended up opening presents and eating breakfast around 11am...I received wonderful gifts! My Dad got me a diamond necklace of the Eiffel Tower--it's beautiful and I plan to wear it in Paris this Fall when I go there with Matthew! My parents also got me a ski rack for my new car...and a bunch of essentials!

On Friday night the girls and I ended up making our way to Nora's new house (her and her boyfriend James bought it this summer!!)--they have done SO much with the place and it looks amazing. I'm so happy for them and can't wait to keep up with all their renovations. The place is going to be even more killer! We had apps and wine at her place...then headed to the bars...and my high school reunion!

Our tree was a little short and stout this year...but it's filled with the best ornaments--my Mom does an amazing job! This was an ornament I made for her when I was in 1st grade :-) check out those missing teeth!

All in all it was an amazing holiday! I had the best time at home, and my Christmas with M was so special too! I'm a little sad that the holiday is over and that I'm back in the office...but not for long...I have a long weekend in the mountains planned with my Dad, Brother, and Matt to ski! Should be fun but we will miss my Momma!--looking forward to what 2015 has to bring!!!



Thursday, December 18, 2014


I had such a fun weekend last weekend! On Friday after work, Matt graciously suited up and attended an office holiday party (not my big one)--the food was actually really good. Afterwards, I passed out early after watching some of Star Wars episode IV.

On Saturday I headed to the Mall with Emily to do some x-mas gift shopping. I'M FINALLY ALL DONE!!! It's such a nice feeling. Afterwards we treated ourselves to shellac manicures...I got a light pink & a sparkly "party nail" on each hand...

We also walked through Restoration Hardware....I'm obsessed with everything in this store...

On Saturday night, Matt and I went to a "Drink The Tree" holiday party at Madison & Chris' condo! Their place was so decked out in Christmas decorations and it made me so excited for the holidays. Each couple brought 10 shooters (of alcohol) and we made cocktails. It was such a fun idea! I forgot to take pictures, but it was a really great party!

On Sunday, we sat around all day in our PJ's watching The Family Stone & Star Wars Episode V. WE ATE THE MOST DELICIOUS chocolate chip cookies I've ever eaten (Matt made them...I'm not the best baker)....and we drank hot chocolate with marshmallows...I was sugar high by the end of the day....and it snowed! :-)

On Monday night after running a bunch of errands and working out...I made myself an easy meal of spiralized garlic sweet potato noodles & roasted onion...with eggs on top!

I also prepped a crock pot beef stew to cook in my crock pot all day on Tuesday for dinner that night...So easy & healthy:

Coming home on Tuesday night to this was amazing...and realizing that I literally didn't have to lift another finger to make dinner appear was even better...

Yesterday morning I dropped my car off at the dealership and had a ski rack thrown on....I'm way excited to test it out! I finally feel like a Colorado girl...though my heart will always be in Virginia!

Tonight we have another holiday party, tomorrow I have girl's night!, then Saturday and Sunday we have two more holiday parties....thankfully tomorrow is my last day of work before I'm on vacation for a full week! I can't wait to head home on Tuesday and see my girls and my family! Thankful that Elise will be taking care of my Peanut while I'm away!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sup Wednesday

Last night for dinner I made filet mignon from Trader Joe's! I typically buy my meat from Whole Foods, but I decided to try out TJ's meat last night--I'm so glad I did! PSA: Not only was it only $12 for these two filets (which would have cost around $25 at Whole Foods), they were so fresh and delicious! TJ's doesn't have a standard deli/meat area...but they do their own packaging of meats and it was still SO fresh and without preservatives.

I peppered ours (and salted Matt's) and cooked them in a little lemon-garlic butter on the stove top. They turned out pretty perfectly!

Since I was feeling a little lazy/not feeling like doing a million dishes...I picked up a side of mashed potatoes and gravy...and also picked up microwavable-fresh asparagus at TJ's...

I think we were both a little bit happy to take a break from the old vegetable spiralizer ;-).

This week I started following THE CUTEST dog-best-friends on Instagram..."HarlowandSage" is their username on Instagram...I am absolutely in love with them...and they just got a new little sister named REECE Lightening who is adorable too...she isn't in these pictures though. This is really random, but it'll give you a smile...

This is how Harlow & Indi sleep!

Animals make me so happy!

Tonight I'm meeting up with my friend Mae to catch up! Can't wait to see her!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend Recap & Birds of Prey

I had such a fun weekend filled to the brim with awesome events!

Last Tuesday night, I once again used my spiralizer to make the "pasta" (out of zucchini and squash) for a meat lasagna--It turned out delicious and was a great alternative to regular pasta!

On Thursday I made zuchinni pasta in a lemon-parm yogurt sauce...along with some baked eggplant strips that were first dipped in egg then a breadcrumb-parm mixture (baked for 15 minutes at 375)...I've never cooked eggplant before, but these turned out yummy--they were pretty soggy the next day though, so don't plan on leftovers.

On Friday after work, Meredith and I drove up to meet Emily in Beaver Creek at the Charter Resort. Emily's work was sponsoring Birds of Prey ski competition, so she was able to hook us up with an amazing ski-in ski-out condo as well as VIP ski passes to all the events (plus unlimited food and open bar!). We had such a blast and I'm so lucky to have such awesome girl friends!

Emily and I skied on Saturday with a few of her work friends--even getting in a double black diamond! I was super impressed that we were able to get down all the moguls!

Emily & work friends

Inside the VIP cafeteria:

Our view was amazing!


On Saturday late afternoon I left the gals up in the mountain and drove back to Denver to attend a holiday party at one of Matt's co-workers houses. The house was AMAZING! The party was super fun, filled with great catered food, awesome wine, and fun people! I really enjoyed getting to know some of Matt's co-workers, they were all really sweet and easy to talk to.

On Sunday morning, I made us something new for breakfast --these are crescant roll dough (seamless dough) filled with already scrambled eggs & I put a little shredded cheese in--then baked at 375 for 12 minutes!...they were HUGE and I couldn't finish mine--but definitely delicious! Next time I would probably make four smaller squares, instead of two huge ones.

Here's to a good week filled with finishing xmas shopping!