Tuesday, September 30, 2014

In Rewind

Well this weekend was a bit of a rager...so much fun though! We are finally starting to get into Fall temperatures here in Denver, but I'm trying to soak in every last warm day. Work has been pretty busy this Fall so far, and I can hardly believe that October 1st is tomorrow!

On Friday night after work, Emily, Meredith, and I met up for a girl's night!

We got ready college-style together at Emily's place...

Then made our way downtown to Lodo! We randomly ended up going to like 5 bars on Friday night and we really danced the night away hah. We also stopped by Oktoberfest on Larimer Street. It was a late and super fun night with my girl friends!

On Saturday, Emily and I were in need of a bit of a pick me up, so diet cokes and nachos it was. We also stopped by the new Trader Joe's, where I picked up some great groceries on the cheap, alongside some gorgeous flowers (which by the way only cost $4!!!)....Pean really has been enjoying the fresh flowers...bad kitty on the table!

She's lucky she's cute :-)...

On Saturday night Emily and I went to True Food for a healthy dinner and then got dressed up in a whole lot of denim to head to a birthday party for two of Matt's good guy friends out here. He was out of town, but they were really sweet and invited me to come anyhow!

I had to buy the birthday boys 40's of course...because, #America.

I wore a denim dress with my jean jacket...

Emily wore a full on Canadian Tuxedo ;-)

I didn't really take too many pictures at the party, but everyone looked awesome in their denim! Lauren & Corey are really rocking their denim one pieces here!

On Sunday morning, I ran a few errands, got my car washed, and then Matthew arrived home from his trip so I cooked up some yummy omelets and banana pancakes for brunch!

Afterwards we walked around Cherry Creek Mall and watched a few episodes of LOST.
All around it was really fun weekend! Now, to get through these next few work days, next weekend I need to take it easy!

Friday, September 19, 2014

5 Things I'm Loving Now

1.   These sandals are reminiscent of a pair I have been craving that Zara sold (and sold out of) a few seasons back. I'm going to try them on this weekend...can never have too many skin-toned heels!

Steve Madden Stecy Sandals in Beige

2.   While I don't currently have the space for this lamp, I love this 'Gumball' lamp...especially in either the gold or copper...so handsome.

Gumball Lamp-Urban Outfitters

3. This Cheetah print dress is such a cute fit and would be perfect for a winter work day with black tights and heels...or out to drinks with girlfriends with booties.

Tipped Cheetah Dress--Loft

4.  I've finally followed the trend and made paleo pancakes for dinner last night...verdict? they are delicious and so simple!

I used 2 bananas (mush up), a little baking soda, a little cinnamon, a tiny bit of No-Salt, one egg, a little almond abstract (this was originally a mistake, meant to use vanilla, but it turned out delicious!), a tiny splash of almond milk, and about two tablespoons of almond flour. Mix it up and cook in a greased pan....delicious! I put some natural peanut butter on mine. Tasted so much like banana bread...I also made a batch without egg or almond flour--and they were still delicious...but a little bit harder to flip!
Found this picture online...but this is most like what mine came out looking like.

5.  So this is a little bizarre, but anyone else really excited to see the movie BoxTrolls next weekend? Matt and I are!

Have a great weekend! One last pretty busy day at work until date night, brunch with my girls, and some relaxing! Should be a good weekend :-)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

So Far

I have had a fun week so far!

On Tuesday afternoon I went to the food trucks in Denver and got lunch with my friend Elise. We normally go to the Crock Spot truck and get their veggie bowl. It's delicious and filling...next time I promise to take a picture!

On Tuesday night, Matthew came over for bbq baked chicken (so so easy and delicious...literally just dip chicken breasts in bbq sauce and bake in the oven for 30 minutes or so at 375!), with Caesar salad, and a side of sautéed potatoes (again super easy...I chopped up two red potatoes, sautéed them for like 25 minutes in a frying pan with a little butter, garlic, and scallions....then once cooked through, I added some pepper and basil, a squeeze of lemon juice, and a tiny shake of parmesan cheese!...delish!)...we are really into the show LOST right now (it's on HULU) and started season 2...I'm really looking forward to continuing with this show!

Last night, I met up with my girl Emily and her sweet sister Christy for dinner at Christy's house. She cooked up a yummy spread of Paleo Spaghetti Squash Chicken Fritters--they were delicious! They reminded me a lot of crab cakes. Emily and I also had a glass of red wine: Mac Murray Ranch Pinot Noir 2012 from the Central Coast...it's delicious, and easily one of my favorite wines I've tried in recent years. I will have to pick up a bottle soon.

Still loving my mid-day gym workouts at the new gym in my office building, and especially loving how flexible it makes my evenings! Tonight, I'm going get a much needed mani/pedi then hang out with M!

So Glad tomorrow is the weekend--which will be filled with lots of friend time!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Pirate Costumes, Camping, and a Pontoon Party Boat

I had an awesome weekend spent near Ft. Collins camping and boating on Horsetooth Reservoir! We had the best weather and the weekend was a total blast. I'm definitely looking forward to strapping on my skis in a few months, but I'm really going to miss this summer heat, especially after this fun summer weekend!

Matthew and I started off the weekend meeting up with our camping buddies at O'Dell Brewery in Ft. Collins. It was gorgeous out as indicated by the mass amount of people sitting on the patio sipping brews. I tried their light wheat beer...Matt had some GROSS Porter type beer ;-).

After the brewery we headed off to find our campsite...which was basically in the middle of nowhere! We nearly ran out of gas...and thankfully spotted a 1 pump general store in the last TINY town before heading to the campsite--the gas station wasn't even advertised on the country road, so I was shocked and thrilled when I spotted a tiny "GAS" note on the store side. I think Matt was sweating a few bullets, but he always keeps his cool!

Our campsite was made a few summers ago by a few of the guys we went camping with. It was in the middle of the woods, and a little hard to get to, but a few SUVs and willpower made it possible. It was a gorgeous place to wake up to...and they set up the campfire area really nicely so we spent a lot of the night around the campfire making dinner and s'mores...and warming up!

Our tent!

Matt & I around the campfire!

Snug in his sleeping bag!

Making breakfast the next morning before heading to Horsetooth Reservoir

We then drove a little over an hour to Horsetooth Reservoir to Pontoon Boat for Meghan's 30th birthday. There were about 20 of us on the boat and everyone had fun dancing (in their Pirate costumes), going down the water slide, and doing dives and flips off the boat. Such a memorable summer activity that I hope to repeat next summer a bunch!

Obviously he was one of the first off the slide!

Kerry, Matthew, and Corey!

The many phases of the backflip as illustrated by Kerry, Brian, and Matt!

This guy and I always have fun!

Hope y'all had a great weekend as well! My apartment complex officially turned off our A/C access and turned on the Heat this weekend...which to me seems a bit premature...but this means Fall is right around the corner! Football, sweaters, and boot weather :-)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I had such a great Labor Day Weekend! Initially I was going to stay in Denver and just relax all weekend, but with most of my girls out of town and my boyfriend on a backcountry motorcycle trip with his guy friends, it seemed like the perfect weekend to have my Dad fly into town and drive my old car back to New Jersey where it is retiring at the family beach house!

We left Thursday after I got off from work, and drove into the night, stopping off in Des Moines. We drove literally all day & night Friday, stopping off for a few hours of sleep in Pennsylvania...and finally on Saturday morning finished the road trip, landing our asses at the beach in NJ!  Two of my best friends, Tory and Christyn, plus my Momma greeted us at the beach club!

We spent the remainder of the weekend hitting up the pool, soaking up the last days of Summer (though it's still gorgeous in Denver), BBQ-ing, drinking good wine, laughing our asses off (literally I laughed so hard at one point I spit out my drink and couldn't breathe for like a solid 15 seconds), and capped it all off with a ridiculous dance party in the living room to albums from the 80's with my parents on Sunday night. My calves are still sore from that...and I'm glad no one got the dance party on video, because some of my dance moves were pretty questionable after 2 bottle of wine--think swinging my hair in circles....*side eye*! All I have to say is I have the song "Angel" by Madonna stuck in my head on repeat still....I flew back on Monday night and am really happy it's a short work week! Hope y'all had a great LDW too!

Mississippi River


Tortor and I


At the pool at the beach club

the gals getting in some quality reading and snoozing!

My favorite part of my beach house room is the king sized bed!

Picking up Swordfish from the fish market...so fresh!

Torence putting her old bartending skills to use--Moscow Mules for days.

Then my Dad brought out the restaurant style wine opener! My Mom won't let him keep it on the dinning room buffet.

I walk into the kitchen and CPK and my Dad are making salad dressing together hahaha so funny.

cookin up some mushrooms!


Monday night I flew back to Denver and I am not just recovering from such a fun weekend!....

I guess I need to keep my calves stretched out for next time we have a dance party in Jersey!