Thursday, July 31, 2014

Weekend Recap

Well, I haven't been writing on the blog as much as I should lately, been so busy just living up the summer (and working..)!

Last week I got a new computer at work, and while it's not the Apple that I have at home, I still really like it. It even has a touch screen monitor which is kind of cool and different.

I've also been really into drinking a protein shake for keeps me full for at least three-four hours which is awesome. It also tastes really good and is low cal. I do a scoop of Designer Whey (no soy products here) which has 100 calories in it, with ice, a cup of unsweetened almond milk, a banana, and a little natural peanut butter for breakfast...then blend it in my magic bullet blender.  It's a fast and easy breakfast too!

Last Friday, I went to happy hour after work with Emily, Meredith, Matthew, Greg, and Eric. We posted up on Linger's rooftop, and while it was a bit rainy (we were thankfully under something)--it did lead to a double rainbow! It was really beautiful :-)

We had a lot of fun and ended up happy hour-ing until around 10pm.

On Saturday, Emily and I hit up the Acoma apartment pool with her co-worker Scott and his wife Brittany. The Acoma is the nicest apartment complex in Denver, and the pool chairs were literally more comfortable than my own bed. I would absolutely LOVE to live here...but it's a bit pricey!! Glad I got to at least experience their awesome pool...

On Saturday night, Matthew and I went to checkout the grand opening of the new Denver train station. It was so modern and handsome inside, and the furniture is seriously amazingggg. I would love to have an office in my house one day that is filled with this furniture. The train goes from Denver all the way to San Francisco (with stops along the way of course)--and you can even get to Aspen and another ski town in Colorado on it. Pretty cool! It also goes all the way to Chicago as well.

This picture really sucked b/c I didn't get any of the furniture in it...but believe me the furniture is amazing. I also was really impressed with the variety of shops and restaurants in the station.

After a sushi dinner at Sushi Saki grill, we ended up watching the rest of Season 2 of House of Cards--this was my second time around watching this series, but honestly I had forgotten what had happened. Kevin Spacey is such a great actor!

On Sunday, Peanut and I lounged around and worked out. My stomach was kind of bothering me in the afternoon, so I was just a lazy person all day. I don't think she minded...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Weekend Recap

I had a fun and filled weekend this past weekend!

On Thursday night I had guy friends in from D.C. and we went to a few different bars. I ended up getting home pretty late, so Friday I was a bit tired.

On Friday night, Matthew and I went to a restaurant in Denver called Vita that has an awesome rooftop bar for dessert and a drink (though I just had an arnold palmer)--it was such a nice night out and I really enjoyed my company!

On Saturday morning, I met up with some friends for brunch at Southern Hospitality. Kristin (in white tank top below) was in town from Boston, so we had to show her a good time in Denver!

Me, Emily, and Kristin at Southern Hospitality....the other side of the table held other fun friends!

Kristin got the chicken & waffles, which ended up being HUGE! Thankfully there were some hungry boys at the table to help :-)

Emily and I both got the southern fried chicken was delicious!

After brunch we headed to Wynkoop Brewery to hang out with some new friends from Emily's apartment building.

Later that night, we met up with another lady from Miami of Ohio named Allie, for dinner at Zengo.  Zengo has unbelievable guacamole with lobster in it!

After dinner, we headed to a few bars in Denver, and eventually met up with our friend Kevin (who went to college with us) and a few of his Master's program friends to bar hop. It was a really fun night, and I laughed a lot!

On Sunday morning, I cleaned up the house and made skillet lasagna for Matthew and I. It was super easy, required only 1 pan (easy clean-up!), and didn't take too long.  Next time I might semi-pre-boil the lasagna instead of letting it boil in the pan, for faster cooking.

It was pretty tasty!

After Lasagna, we hit up the Denver Zoo for the first time.  The Denver Zoo was really impressive, and the exhibits were surprisingly close to you. I really enjoyed seeing the penguins eat as well :-)

We got to feed the parrots! Though one almost pooped on us while we fed was a close call haha!

Sunday night I spent as I do most Sunday nights... chillin with my favorite little animal!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Southern Living Peach Cobbler!

I made some pretty boss Butter Chicken (Indian food) for dinner last night for Matthew and I, but of course I forgot to take pictures of that! However, I did happen to take pictures while I whipped up this 1997 Southern Living Magazine receipe for delicious peach cobbler! I used fresh peaches (skinned them), and it turned out awesome! This recipe is super easy to make, and I popped it in the oven when we were eating dinner (at 375 for 40 minutes)...I can't think of a better summer dessert (lots of leftovers too)!

Southern Living's Easy Peach Cobbler Recipe (click)

See what I mean about those leftovers...brought some with lunch today to work....

Note: This dessert is also pretty inexpensive to make, as 95% of the ingredients I already had in my pantry! Perfect for a summer pot luck.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Week at Home

So I meant to post about my week at home (over the Fourth of July) last week when I had returned, however my Blogger app was being weird and not allowing me to upload pictures...and what fun is a post without pictures? None!

I got home on the Saturday afternoon the weekend before the 4th of July. I went to lunch at my favorite mexican joint with my parents, and then immediatley went over to my best friend's new townhouse to get ready to go out! This girl and I have been besties since we were 2, and we always have a blast together!

We also met up with another one of my closest friends, Cara, out at the bars in Clarendon!

On Sunday, my best friends and I met up at a rooftop in Clarendon for a little Sunday Funday.  Rebecca (far left) happened to be in town with her boyfriend Scott for a wedding, so we got to see them on the back end of that for the day.

Sunday night, I went for a long walk through Georgetown with my Dad! I love going on walks with my Dad, and Georgetown is our favorite place to walk around!

I also got ice cream :-)

A few of the days I was home, I went for runs at my old high school track. It was nice to really sweat it out, and I always get nostalgic being around that soccer field where I spent so many hours growing up!

On Monday, my Momma had her retirement party! She has been working at the same place for 32 years (in different capacities)! She deserves a very relaxing retirement after being the boss for so long! All of her colleagues had amazing things to say about her, specifically about how much they admire her hard work ethic. Lady has a fire lit under her ass to get shit done!

It was also so frickin hot in DC that I was sweating like a pig the entire time I was there...which honestly felt kind of grossly good after living in this dry climate for so many years! I felt a little like this...haha...

On Monday night, I met up with one of my closest friends from college, Christyn, in D.C. at Matchbox for dinner, and then later drinks! She is one of my favorite people in the world, and always makes me laugh. She just recently got engaged to her boyfriend of a year and a half (or so), and I am sooo excited for them! She is going to be the prettiest bride, and her bling is gorgeous too :-)

On Tuesday night, I met up with Nora, Katie, and Tory for dinner at Faccia Luna....followed by drinks in Clarendon with Tory and our oldest friend Chelsea. Chelsea has a new and gorgeous hand forged jewelry line called 12 Pole Designs...below I am wearing a stackable bracelet from her line that I am obsessed with! Everything she designs is a dream, check out her site!

I am wearing a 12 Pole Designs bracelet (the raised one) along with my David Yurman. It pretty much stacks well with anything though!

On Wednesday, my Daddy and I went and got lunch at this really great Kabob place in Arlington. It was hot as hell outside, but that didn't stop us from eating some spicey stuff. Nope!

On Thursday, I had a little fun, and bought a new car!! I have been driving the same VW since I was 16, and was in need of a new set of wheels. Since I drive my cars for a long ass time, I decided to get something a little nicer, and also I needed something that was a sedan but had AWD on it for this snow out here.

On Thursday, Tory and I went out to a fancy lunch with my Mom and Dad to celebrate Tory's new job! I am so proud of her! We also celebrated me being in town haha. Aka. I just really wanted to try out Cafe Milano! definitely didn't disappoint!

I had the Asparagus & Procuitto Risotto

Tory had a dish with Veal in it...I can't remember what it was called though!

Later that day, we cuddled up with Mr. Mousey (her foster cat) and watched the Sex & The City Movie...what a classic!

On Thursday night I went out for some drinks with friends in Clarendon, and didn't get home until pretty late (which was obviously a  colossal mistake considering I had to wake up early to drive 26 hours back to Colorado in my new car--in 2 days--thankfully my Dad ended up coming with me and started off the trip driving!)

We had the best roadtrip and I'm so glad my Dad was with me! We streamed the worldcup games on his laptop, and also stopped in a few towns for authentic BBQ!

This was my favorite Salina, Kansas! Coleslaw is seriously one of my favorite foods if done right, and these baked beans were incredible too!

We finally made it to Colorado on Saturday afternoon, and had to pull over for a photo in front of the Welcome to Colorful Colorado sign at the state border! We were pretty relieved to see this sign!!! My dad flew out to Virginia early Sunday morning, but I'm so thankful I have the best parents in the entire world, and that one of them was able to drive with me!

On Saturday night, Matt and I went to my friend from work's going away party. Stacey is moving back home to the east coast--I am so sad to see her gone. She started with me, on our 1st day of work 3 years ago, and I will honestly miss her every day.  Thankfully she will still be working for the same company so we can still IM every day!! This girl got me through a seriously sad breakup, through all the hustle and bustle of work, and just became one of my best friends in Denver. Our dating stories over the past few years could fill a book, and some of them are pretty hilarious looking back! I will always think of her as a protective older sister!

Matthew & I had a blast at Herbs! I remember this flash being VERY bright!

On Sunday, Peanbean and I relaxed together...she needed some mama time and I loved cuddling her sweet self!!
It has been a very busy week/s back at work, and I am already looking forward to my vacation in August in NYC/the beach with Matthew and friends!!