Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Blogging is NonExistant

I have been having wayy too much fun the last few weeks that I have been pretty MIA from this space.

Been hanging with my girl friends, going to baseball games, cooking up great dishes, and spending lots of time with someone I'm really excited about :-)--funny how timing has a lot to do with things. While Colorado winters are what we're famous for, summer in general really has my heart!

This past Sunday I went to the Denver Botanical Gardens and saw the Dale Chihuly glass sculpture was amazing!! You don't see talent like that too often!

I am also getting ready for a trip back to Virginia this next week--I am really looking forward to seeing my best friends in Virginia, and soaking up that South East humidity for a solid week...ooh and getting away from the office will be pretty amazing (been a crazy few weeks here)! I'm lucky in that I not only get to see my best friends that currently reside in DC...but two of my other best friends, who currently live in Chicago and San Fran, will randomly be in town on Sunday as well, making Sunday a day I cannot wait for!!

Hope y'all have a great Fourth of July!

Here are a few pictures as of late...

A treat to myself: My new "summer watch" --gold & white Michelle watch!

Grilling turkey burgers on the rooftop on a summer night

Hanging at the baseball game (Rockie's) with my girl friends

The amazing art at the Chihuly exhibit

I've also been doing yoga 3-4x per week along with running...this past Monday, my yoga pants matched my yoga mat! :-)

I've been cooking up a storm recently! Last night I made vodka sauce out of my new cookbook for date night, it turned out great!

His Plate....wish I could eat that much pasta!

I also made this super easy dinner on Monday night....using the microwavable steam bags of brown rice, then a microwavable steam back of mixed veggies....i cooked those according to the bag...then tossed the veggies in a pan with two whole eggs...scrambled them all together until fully cooked...added in the brown rice...and then put a touch of low-sodium ginger soy sauce on top! Delish, fast & easy!

Monday, June 16, 2014


I had such a fun week last week and this weekend! I haven't been too good at keeping up on the old blog, so my parents are probably very interested to hear what I have been up to (since they are my biggest readers hah!) I thought I'd do a little photo recap....

Last week, Emily had a few friends over for pulled pork...I brought some sides (mac n' cheese, mashed potatoes, green beans, and gravy)....and her pulled pork was awesome! She used her mama's recipe and cooked it in the crock pot for a full 24 hours! yum!

On Wednesday night I went on a 2-beer bar crawl at two separate bars in my neighborhood that I've been wanting to explore, with Matt (see what I did there hah!?)...and since it was raining I threw on my pink rain jacket & pink rainboots...i realize that this is an obnoxious amount of pink to wear...whatever!

I also got a gel-manicure last week and I'm loving how it still looks, even almost a week later! I am a nailpolish picker, and this gel formula really stays put since it's on the thicker side. Also, since it costs more than the typical manicure, I'm way less tempted to pick at it. I am also pretty sure it makes my nails grow faster/stay stronger...I'm a huge fan!

On Friday, I did yoga after work (I actually went 4 times last week, so I'm getting pretty into it), then we had a lazy night with pizza and wine...and watched the last full moon on a Friday the 13th until 2049!! I had to document it, of course. We also watched 12 Years a Slave which is so powerful.

On Saturday as I was headed to the pool with my girl friends...I hopped in my car for the first time in 2 days and realized that I had left my lights on, and of course my battery was dead. Had to scratch the pool idea, and wait for AAA to come jump my car. Not the way I had planned on spending my Saturday! :-(

However, Saturday night made up for my shitty Saturday afternoon...first I went to a BBQ...and then I met up with friends for a few drinks before going out. Let me preface this by stating the obvious: I am not a "clubbing-type"....but our friend Trent somehow booked us a table at a club here in Denver, so we went...and it was actually SO much fun!

Emily, Me, and Trent

Mere, Emily, and Me

This is when the night started to get a little ridiculous...too many duck lip pictures :-/ hah.

We really did dance almost the entire night, and I laughed so hard! I'm glad I showed up!

Sunday was the first time I've slept in until 10am in was so needed! I finally made it to the pool with friends on Sunday afternoon, to Target, J.Crew, and then I went and saw the new Marvel movie last night!
Such a great Summer time!