Monday, March 31, 2014


One of my best friends from home, Rebecca, was in town visiting me, Mae, and Erica this weekend! Erica & Mae are best friends from college with Rebecca, and that's how we all met.  We had such a great weekend, one night in Denver, and two in Keystone, and it was so awesome having my girl here!!

On Thursday night, Elise, Mae, Reb, Erica, and I went to dinner at Duffey's Cherry Cricket as soon as Reb landed. It was a fun night of girl talk and yummy food. This place is a fixture in Denver, and is always a fun place to bring people who are new to Denver.

On Friday morning, Erica and I took off from work in order to show Rebecca around the town.  We started with brunch at Jelly in Capital Hill. After breakfast, we stopped by Voodoo Doughnuts to grab doughnuts for our Saturday morning breakfast while up at the mountains. The line was out the door, and it took us an hour to get to the counter--probably not the best time spent, but it was fun to see all their crazy doughnut designs and pick up a treat for the following morning.

It was pretty windy & cold while standing in line!

After that we walked around the 16th Street Mall, showed Rebecca the bar area in Lodo, and then went to Wash Park and walked around for awhile. The Park was looking gorgeous and was so quiet and empty on a Friday morning--normally this place is popping on the weekends, it was a nice change!

Rebecca & Erica

Friday evening, we packed up our gear and took off for Keystone for the weekend. We stayed at the Inn at Keystone, thanks to Erica's parents, and it was perfect for us!

Saturday night we ordered pizza, had a few drinks, and played pool at the hotel bar.  We stayed up a bit too late for our early morning wake-up call!

Heading to the Mountain to ski!

We got in about 10 or 11 runs and it was such a beautiful and warm day for spring skiing. There is still a lot of snow on the mountain which was much appreciated, and while it was somewhat busy, the lines for the lifts weren't too crazy.

We took a mid-afternoon break to enjoy the sunshine!

Reb & Mae

After skiing we headed back to the hotel and hit up the outdoor hot tub! It was a gorgeous night & the view of the slopes was awesome! We then went to a mexican restaurant near our hotel for a late dinner and  girl talk.

On Sunday morning we headed back to Denver since Rebecca had an early flight back home. We miss you already, Rebecca! Thanks for such a great weekend ladies!

On Saturday night while at dinner, I received a mass of texts from my best friends from college. One of my closest girl friends, Elaine, got engaged to her boyfriend of almost 2 years, Jeff!!! I am sooo happy for them as they are such a great couple, and I cannot wait for the wedding festivites. She will actually be in Denver in a few weeks for work, so I can't wait to do girly things and try on her ring (obvi) haha. Which by the way Jeff designed with the help of a jeweler, and it's PERFECT! So happy for you two! Love you both!!!

This picture doesn't even do it's SO pretty & sparkly!!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Girls Weekend!

Looking forward to a really fun girls weekend in the mountains with one of my best friends from home Rebecca, and Mae & Erica (who are best friends with Rebecca from college)!! Should be so great to see my girl, and to get in some final ski season runs :-)
My beauties! Rebecca is the one in the jean shorts!

Hope y'all have a great weekend too!

Monday, March 24, 2014


 I had a great time in Mexico with my family & our friends! The weather was absolutley gorgeous the entire time we were there, and it was so nice to read a few books while lounging poolside, take long walks on the beach, walk around downtown Playa Del Carmen, and of course eat authentic Mexican food!

I started off the trip last Saturday morning with a nice surprise--business class en route to Mexico! I took it as a chance to get in a good morning nap in a really comfortable airplane seat!

I arrived into Mexio on Saturday afternoon and my parents picked me up at the airport...we headed straight to the resort to meet up with our family friends: the Sullivans & the Schaeffers. We were all ready for a fun & relaxing week in the sun under Palapa #27 at the Grand Mayan Resort!

Here are some pics from the trip (a few stolen from Anne!):

Mom & I before Dinner one night. Dress: Forever 21 Necklace: J.Crew

Dad & I

Patrick, Caroline, & Liam

Appetizers & drinks the first night

Jack, Donna, and Kevin enjoying a pre-dinner vodka tonic!

my parents dancing!

Mom & Anne!

The resort we stay at, has a crocodile farm and an area for flamingos...very cool! They even fed the crockodiles the week we were there--fresh chicken pieces!


My Dad sure knows how to relax!

The girls!

I know how to relax too!

In downtown Playa I ran into the "Hotel Colorado"...which looked more like a motel, but i had to get a picture in front of it! Unfortunatley the "C" got cut out.

The Flamingos on our resort in their sanctuary.

Me & the Flamingos...and my dorky sun hat--gotta protect your face!

This is where we lounged every relaxing...i miss it!

Before dinner at Aflux--a restaurant downtown in an underground cavern, so cool and very good food!


prior to dinner in the Cave

Kevin & Dad

The Sully's at Aflux

 I flew back to Denver a week later (this past Saturday) early in the morning, and was back in Denver by 11am MT. I had the full day ahead of me, and met up with my friends Emily & Kelley to hit up Miami Alum Denver's Green Beer Day celebration at Blake Street Tavern. There was green beer as well as a lot of Miami alums...I met a bunch of new people and had a great time. On Saturday night, I met up with friends to go out for Meredith's boyfriend's birthday celebration. We hung out at Emily's apartment then went to GinMill. I was pretty tired by the end of the night, but always enjoy meeting new people!

Meredith, Emily and I at GinMill

On Sunday I slept in and cuddled with Peanut until around 10am...ran some errands...then went to an afternoon yoga class taught by my friend Faye, with Elise. I forgot how much I enjoy feels so good and is very restorative as well as muscle engaging. I am definitely going to try to up my practice!

Here's to a busy first week back from vacation! Definitely feeling a little bit homesick since I was just with my family for so many days and came back to an empty apartment, but I'm sure once I get back in the swing of my schedule I'll feel better :-)

Saturday, March 15, 2014


On my way to Mexico for the week!!! Can't wait to be in the warm air! Gonna miss my little bug this week, but at least I know she has love coming her way everyday!

I'll be back with a trip recap!

Enjoy your weekend :-)

Friday, March 14, 2014

As of Late

I've had a fun and busy week getting all my work done before I take off for Mexico! 

Tuesday started off fairly annoyingly with this HUGE line just to get to the elevators of my work building. There was a conference going on in my building....but you know what, I took the time to check my personal e-mail and all was right in the world.

I got in some good workouts this week after work, but I still don't feel very bikini ready--oh well, hopefully the tan will mask!

On Wednesday night my friend Elise came over to chit-chat for a few hours on my couch, it was great to hang out with her and catch up--especially on the new love interest in her life!

On Thursday, Mae invited Erica and I over for a delicious dinner of homemade BBQ Chicken & Veggie Pizza using her new Pizza Stone from Whole well as yummy brussell sprouts & fresh steamed Artichokes as an app! It was by far the most delicious meal I've eaten all week, and it was fun to see the girls before my trip!

Plus she has two of the cutest furbabies ever! Timmy (the cat) and Sloan (the pup)....Sloan thinks she's a cat :-)

We demolished these artichokes...

The Pizza Stone did a really good job of making the crust crispy but soft as well...

Well, I'm off to finish up Friday, pack, and get my ass on the plane tomorrow to Mexico!