Thursday, October 31, 2013

My Heart Breaks

There can't be great or worse heart shattering pain than the loss of a family memeber.  I mourn the loss of a wonderful person today who brought so much spirit to this universe.

My college boyfriend, who is at this point a dear friend, called me yesterday afternoon to let me know that he had received notice that afternoon that his little sister, who also has a twin sister, had passed away in a tragic car accident in Louisville, Kentucky yesterday afternoon. Today a Mother, Father, Step-Father, Step-Mother, Big Brother, Twin Sister, and Little Brother, amongst other step-Brothers and family, have lost their girl.

My heart broke hearing this news as she was such a beautiful young lady, very bright, and a person full of energy and spirit. I remember being over at her apartment and having her give H and I these packets of 20+ vitamins to take, we took them on empty stomaches and felt pretty crappy afterwards which was humorous given that vitamins are supposed to make you feel healthy! Haha, it was our bad, but one of the ways that C showed she cared for those around her.

The world was a better place for having known C. My prayers and strength are with H and his family, and I pray they find guidance during this devastating time. I hope they find comfort in how many people love and were moved by C.  She was far too young to be taken, but I know she has found her peace. Rest In Peace C.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dogs Takeover

I'm DYING over how funning this gif is....enjoy...and happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Weekend Recap-- A day late!

Yesterday I had the craziest most productive Monday I've had in ages.  Work was really busy, came home and got in a really good workout, then I decided to pretty much deep clean my apartment (minus the floorboards), do laundry (clean sheet night is the best), and generally just kick Monday's ass.

This weekend was really fun! On Friday I had supper club at my friends Elise and Nickis' apartment. They made this yam red-wine rissotto and it was literally the best dish I've eaten in cold-weather appropriate.  I brought a cesear salad, and my brie goodness dish (which you can see below was a total hit per usual because there is nothing left!--more than likely because it has ZERO CALORES & IS LOW-FAT ;-) )

For dessert, Elise & Nicki pulled together these adorable apple&pear cups...they were delish! Thanks guys for having us over for a really fun night...the dance party & tequilla were an added bonus :-)

On Saturday I ran the 2.5 mile lap around Washington Park and then since I was pretty close to my gym, I decided to head over to do a little bit more of a workout! I have been really into my running latley :-)

I also decided to hit up Old Navy & TJ Maxx...and walked away with some great goods. A long-sleeved shirt from Old Navy & an olive colored Puffy-Vest...and this Love ring that I'm kind of obsessed with from Old Navy....then at TJ's I found a great new drape-y sweater & black blouse. Lots of good winter staples.

On Saturday evening, I dressed up in my Buckeye red and headed to Croc's to watch the OSU game with some of my Miami/OSU friends...this night was SO much fun. Not only did OSU beat Penn State by a ridiculous amount, but we were introduced to Purple Shot--not to be confused with "purple drink". hah. The night ended up with dancing at this really sweaty bar...all in all a great time.

Sunday Morning...I was pretty tired. I even did something I never do...hit up Taco Bell. Normally TB kind of grosses me out, but this was essential for recovery purposes.

For a few hours I pretty much felt like this.....

and did a whole lot of this....

Then I caught a second wind, went on a run, came back and painted my nails & toes...showered...and felt a lot more in it to win it.

Sunday night I went to a great restaurant in the Highlands called Duo. It was fantastic, I had the stuffed cabbage...and the company was great :-)

Yesterday after work, after my marathon of cleaning...I also whipped up a batch of vegetarian chilli (made w/Boca Crumbles)...I will be eating this today for lunch!

Clean Sheet night last night...

Finally, I saw this quote and really loved it...have a great Tuesday!

Friday, October 25, 2013


Happy it is finally Friday! I have a fun weekend ahead--girls dinner tonight with my friends Elise, Nicki, and Kellie...then going to watch the OSU game & go out and about with my friends Erica, Mae, and Bridget tomorrow! Since it's getting awfully cold here, I thought I'd pull together some of my favorite Fall/Winter inspiration outfits (all found via Pinterest) for this weather! I love tailored pieces mixed with flow, and tons of different textures for Fall--I also love the way a little prep + girly + mountain wear comes together nicely. Hopefully it warms up a little today so I can get in a lunch-time run and get it out of the way!

Have a good weekend!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursdays....

1. Thankful for the fact that my parents get to take a great trip to Europe and enjoy Fall along the coast of the Mediteranean--a much deserved vacation for two very hard working people! And that they get to spend time together!

2. Thankful for Chipotle guacamole...that shiz is delicious!

3. I'm thankful that Peanut never has gotten too old to sleep & cuddle with her Momma every single night like clock work :-)...sweetest cuddles and kisses ever!

4. I'm thankful that I like the people that I work with and that they make coming into work every weekday at 8am on the dot a whole lot better!

5. I am thankful for decently good health and for the runs my body has allowed me to challenge it to this week...and that I have actually had fun on these runs.

6. I'm thankful that I have a fun weekend to look forward to filled with girls nights :-)

7. I'm thankful that I'm a girl and can get excited about what color I'm going to paint my nails's the little things.

8. I'm thankful for the cool Fall air and orange leaves that I see on my walks to and from work each day.

9. I'm thankful that there are only 8 more weeks (and change) until I'm home for Christmas with my family and best gals! Can't wait for the smell of Christmas!

10. I'm thankful for the book Gone Girl that has me very suspenseful each night before bed!

Finally...I'm thankful that tomorrow is Friday!! wohoo!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Loving Now

 These Gap Cords in dark purple are the perfect cord. Such a fun & rich fall color...and they are super comfortable and flattering...and 35% off with the code GAPGIFT online. Via

I have been looking for a new winter jacket that is appropriate for work-wear...and I think this one is fantastic! I love the caramel color of it & length. The fact that it can be worn pretty much with any other color also helps. Via

Tights with dresses are one of my favorite outfits to wear during the fall and winter seasons.  I love these Old Navy polka-dot tights and especially love the price! Via

H&M has really stepped up their Fall/Winter line this year, and they have some fabulous and inexpensive sweaters out, like this Knit sweaters below...this one would be so perfect for lounging in with leggings and cute boots! VIA

This is a pretty example of a floral dress that you can easily bring into Fall... Throw on a caramel colored leather jacket, some textured tights, and moto boots and you have a really weather appropriate outfit.  Fall is all about toughening up your girly pieces. Via

The other day at lunch I popped into Forever21 to browse, and found myself walking away with these cut-out heels. I have never purchased a fair of shoes from F21, but these were shockingly comfortable and look far more expensive then they cost...I love the neutral shade, and I know they will get a lot of wear since they will go with anything. Via

I recently discovered BaubleBar...a really great place for buying jewerly while also saving a mint.  These gold delicate rings are definitely on my radar..

Labradorite Cushion Cut Ring Via

                                                             Gold Inifinity II Ring Via

Happy WEDNESDAY! Good God this week is going by quickly :-)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend Recap

With a slight change of plans, I stayed in town this weekend....On Friday morning, I woke up to the beauty that is the first snow of the year! I had probably 2 inches of snow on my car when I walked outside, though it didn't stick to the streets. It has definitely been colder around here now that we are edging into the end of October.

On Friday afternoon I took off from work a few hours early and ventured to the movie theater to see Captain Phillips....SUCH a good movie! If you are looking for a great movie to see, go see would also be a great date-night movie choice with your man!

After the movie I hit up T.J. Maxx for a little shopping. Picked up the cutest Jessica Simpson black heeled booties....then I hit up Olive Garden for a quick dinner..YUM!

After dinner, I rushed home and got ready...then headed to happy hour at Blake Street Vault for a Miami Alum Happy Hour with some of my favs.

On Saturday I ran a few errands, painted my nails, helped a girl friend out who had locked her keys in her car (the worst!), and then ate dinner at the best sushi restaurant in town, Sushi Den!

On Sunday, the Rock n' Roll marathon was taking place in Denver.  I went out on my morning run, and literally ran into the marathon.  It pretty much took over all of Denver! I went to get coffee with a friend later in the day (had to walk the mile and a half to get to the coffee shop bc I couldn't get my car out of my driveway due to the marathon closures!)....then cuddled up on the couch with Peanut to get some quality tv watching in! It snow/rained on Sunday evening...and was all around a nice evening to just lounge!

Hope you had a great weekend too!