Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Raptor Chase

Happy Wednesday y'all! I'm getting as much packed into this short week as possible before I head out for vacation! Can't wait to see my family & friends, and take a little bit of a break from work. This week has been busy and fun--had a delicious steak dinner last night! Tonight I just need to hit the gym and get all packed up for my trip, and make sure that Peanut gets some loving (hate leaving her!).

I stumbled across this Japanese prank online this morning, and had to share. It will definitely make you's the absolute best prank I've ever seen haha.....the guy actuallly thinks he's being chased by a Raptor...


Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Recap

I had a really fun and great weekend (minus Saturday morning which I spent indulging in a full on college style hangover!)....

Thursday night Mae & Erica had a few friends (including me) over for a really great taco dinner! I also was introduced to Mae & Sam's newest family addition--their puppy, Sloan! She is seriously such a good puppy, and has the cutest little face! I may have snapped one too many pictures of her, but then again, how long is she really going to stay this tiny for?!

Mae & Sloan...Mae is a proud mama!

Erica also had on the coolest ever shellac nail polish...that changes colors depending on body temperature...I need this in my life....

from pink when the water is hot....

to purple when it's cold!

Friday night I attended a "Vegas" themed work party...after the official party a bunch of us went to a bar around the corner, and probably indulged in one too many cocktails. I swear, it's always around this group of people that we end up drinking entirely more than appropriate hah. At least I up and left in a cab relatively early compared to the rest of the group.....Saturday morning, I was not feeling so hot....Pean and I got in a lot of quality time!....

that's my "I hate alcohol and can't hang anymore" face...and Pean's "I'm adorable" face. obvi.

Saturday basically consisted of eating carbs, drinking water, downing advil, sleeping, and watching a LOT of Pretty Little Liars episoides.  I have decided that from now on, I'm drinking beer only hah...even though I don't really enjoy it! The hangovers are way less intense.

On Sunday, I went to brunch at this really yummy place in the Uptown neighborhood of Denver.  Afterwards we stuck around to watch the US Pro Challenge Bike tour...these athletes are intense!

After the bike tour, we decided to indulge in our community and hit up the Denver Botanical Gardens...they were absolutley gorgeous!

This little frog is one of the most poisonous animals on the planet!

Looking forward to a short 4 day week...then off to spend time with family and friends for the labor day holiday--first a beach weekend with my girlfriends and parents...then a much needed stay in Arlington!...I'm really going to miss Peanut (separation anxiety)...but am in definite need of a vacation!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Things I'm Loving Now

1. This Equipment 'Asher' V-Neck Cashmere Sweater in "Dark Army" lux & perfect for fall...Via

2. This morning, while getting my daily dose of my favorite blogs, I stumbled upon Erin's post at Two Thirds Hazel Blog...and this quote really hit home!  I feel on the cusp.

3. The idea of having a romantical (yes, that's a word) date night dinner in a canoe ala Tori & Dean:

4.  This gorgeous waterfall I had the opportunity of hiking by in Steamboat Springs this past weekend! Such a fun time in such a beautiful place!

5.  One of these 7mm David Yurman Bracelets Via

6.  Two new shows I'm absolutly loving now are The League and Pretty Little Liars (aka I'm slightly in love with "Mr. Fitz" on PLL!--the actor actually went to a high school in my home town and is only a year older than the hell did I miss that one?!)...getcha some!


Dreamboat <3 Mr. Fitz <3
7.  Finally, I'm loving that it's already Thursday, this week has been quite busy at work, and that it's Suppa Club time with my girlfriends tonight! Can't wait to meet my friend Mae's new puppy, Sloan, as well!!

look at that sweet face!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Top 10 Things Men Wear That Women Hate

1)  There is ONLY one place that men should be wearing these hideous the water while fishing/rafting/doing anything where these shoes make functional sense.  When I see men walking around Denver in these badboys (which is way more often than appropriate) I have to shield my eyes. These things are awful when worn with an actual outfit. I will judge you. I will still probably love you, but I will judge my eyes, you will be stuck at the age of 5 if you wear these "for real" around me or any woman....

The brown is even more hideous in my opinion.

2. Another item of men's clothing that I take issue with, is the tapered with the elastic waist...come on. These weren't even cool when you had to wear them for gym class. I definitely don't mind when guys wear sweatpants...but the whole tapered at the ankle thing, just really reminds me of a 6 year old child, or a 75 year old Grandpa....

3.  Keds shoes for men...I give up. Gosh, I am quickly learning that I am very male-shoe-judgemental. I just dont know what guys think is attractive about making their feet look smaller? 'Nuff said.

4.  Undershirts with Pit Stains.  Run to Costco and buy yourself a new bag...I know men have their favorite undershirts, and I know you're only wearing them underneath clean dress shirts...but aint nobody got time fo' lookin at that mess below! least have your gf buy some OxyClean.

5. This one will probably be controversial.  The bow-tie.  I LOVE a man in a bow-tie, but only in the appropriate social setting (ie. a wedding, a horse racing event, a holiday party, a southern football game etc.)...otherwise, I think a bow-tie wearing straight man looks like he's trying too hard on a daily basis/is a little pretentious....some men make it their "thing" and wear a bow-tie to work everyday, and it truly suits their personality and I'm fine with making the exception...but in general, I think it looks a little stuck-up to wear a bow-tie every day...a regular ole tie is way more handsome in my opinion...though a Tux w/bowtie is probably the sexiest thing a guy can wear!

6. While it can be hilarious, I'm not a huge fan of the random silk-screen printed t-shirt with random magical-animal-etc. things printed onto them...maybe to a theme party/halloween?...but leave these "day-drinking" shirts at the frat house please...


7.  The fedora on men younger than 40, when they aren't going to a Great Gatsby party...


8. The male-skinny jean.  I don't like a baggy jean on a guy, but come on, no one wants to see your bony ass in skinny it for the girls...


9.  The manpris (male capris)....or any type of zip-off-pant-to-shorts combination, unless you are wearing them in a functional capacity (ie. camping/hiking etc.):


10.  The male pashmina my opinion, a man should only be wearing a scarf when it's cold outside to keep warm, not as an accessary.  I dated, for a short while in college, this really hot guy who constantly wore scarves, even when it was unecessary, and I really didn't get it...too girly!

I'm sure there are a million things that men hate that women wear...but so you have it!

What is your least favorite article of clothing/accessory that men wear that you hate?!

Friday, August 16, 2013


Went out a little too late last night, and am feeling slightly like dog poo at work today (mostly because I'm tired)...drinking a Naked Juice and hoping for full recovery by the time I have to bring this intern on a quick tour of our Denver office.

Since my brain is not fully functioning today, I thought this was entirely too funny and had to share...


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Maple-Dijon Salmon, Mushroom Risotto, and Balsamic glazed Asparagus

Last night, I cooked up some yummy new recipes.  On the menu was maple-dijon salmon, balsamic glazed asparagus, and homemade mushroom risotto.  It all turned out really well, I especially loved the Salmon--it was super easy and quick to make, and I plan on making it a lot more!


Maple-Dijon Salmon:

Mushroom Risotto:  *Use Low-Sodium Chicken Broth

Glazed Asparagus:  (Instead of soy sauce, since I'm low salt, I used a ginger-soy sauce from Whole Foods that has about 1/8th the amount of sodium as normal soy sauce...and was delish!...I also use No-Salt Added Butter in all recipes):


My Version (forgot to take pictures of the asparagus!!):

Salmon fillets from Whole Foods are the best!--I let my salmon soak in the sauce for about 30 minutes before putting in the oven.

Fully cooked and DELISH!

Mushrooms for my risotto--I used portobello & white mushrooms.

The process of cooking the rice takes the longest...has to soak in all of the chicken broth...but it's SO worth it!

Finished, Delicious product!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Recap: The Move From Hell

Well, this is an incredibly late Monday "morning" re-cap of my weekend...let's just say my weekend was intense and very manual labor heavy.

Friday, I left work at 2 to meet movers at 3...the movers didn't show. It was awful! I had used this company in the past and they were great, but the movers were sketchy this time around.  So by 4pm, I had pretty much bitched out the moving company (in a nice enough manner...saying basically that they needed/should send someone else)...they never sent anyone and stopped answering calls at I took matters into my own hands, ran to U-Haul, rented a Dolly...and started moving everything upstairs (only moving 3 floors up...but still had to move everything!) to my new apartment all by myself.  A few tears were sprung, but all in all I got it done.  Thankfully I was able to get some help on the big furniture on Sunday (like my bed/couches/tv/table).  But, needless to say, my body is a little sore and I have some new bruises!

Haha this is just taken to dinner the other night to meet driver had a pic of him and Diddy together.

The dolly that saved my ass...just a girl and her dolly...
My living area/dining area/kitchen counter area.


Thinking of maybe getting an area rug for my living room...and need a new coffee table...and to hang things up!

New couch cover & pillows...not sure how i feel about everything yet...and definitley need to get some new artwork to put on the walls!

other couch...

My Balcony...which is actually like an entirely other room..

Pretty flowers!!

I went to the baseball game on Saturday night and we had awesome seats! was a good game, and I actually got pretty into it..I'm guessing the company & the two HUGE Coors Lights contributed to that!...#America

Empty balcony...

My bedroom is nothing special...but it has a TON of closet space...which is apparently much needed...

Closet #1

Closet #2

Closet #3

Closet #4

Other side of Closet #4

Basically two whole walls of closet space...thank you closet Gods!

And my little one is finally in "her" new digs and making herself veryyy this little goose...

Now just a few more hours of cleaning/unpacking and I should be good to go! The Comcast people have to come out tomorrow and program my internet in my new apartment, and it's super annoying not having wi-fi at home! Can't wait to be fully settled into my new place, and to start looking for a bar cart and some wall art etc.
So, while my "easy move" turned into a move from hell, I made the best of it, and really am happy now that I can call my new place home!