Friday, June 28, 2013

LCD--Little Cotton Dresses

Recently I have been going through my closets and creating "toss" piles to donate.  A lot of what I've been tossing are old college "day drinking" sundresses that are quite frankly just a little too worn or outdated.  Many are basics, like little cotton dresses, that are perfect and easy for summer time, and can be worn casual with a bathing suit and flip flops, or dressed up with a fun necklace and wedges.  Since cotton dresses are such a staple of my summer time wardrobe, I need to get on replacing some of the ones I've recently tossed! Here are a few I'd love to add to my closet...or already have...

1) My gym happens to be right next door to a Super Target...which is incredibly dangerous :-)...I spotted this black, cotton, Ruffle dress there yesterday, and for $19.99 I had to pick it up!...I think I may need it in a few other colors as well...Via

love how fun this design is!

2) This Lilly Pulitzer "Foley" dress is in a killer color, and I love the cut-out lace, and perfect length. I know it's not technically an LCD--but it was so gorgeous I had to include! Via

3)  This Felicity & COCO Ombre Jersey Dress looks so comfortable, and the colors just pop. I'm not sure how flattering it would be on, but loving this color combo for summer: Via

4) While you probably have a LBD in your closet, an LWD is also a necessity...this cap-sleeved crème colored dress is sexy but not skanky--as the low-cut mesh is balanced out by an appropriate but flirty full-skirt hemline, and demur cap-sleeves. At $74 this is a steal too. Via
5) Not sure you can ever really have too many maxi dresses! Love this simple streamlined one in a pretty kelly green color...the cinched waist and spaghetti straps are ultra flattering as well. Via
6) With Fourth of July right around the corner, I'm always excited to find something that you could wear for both the holiday as well as another day...really like the vertical lines on this dress, and the cutout is super young and fun Via
 .....Old Navy also has a killer collection of LCDs....might need to run and check it out!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

That That Don't Kill You Only Makes You Stronger!

Today after work I'm going to make the whole "that that that that don't kill me, only makes me stronger" outlook on life and hit up the park for an outdoor run! Really need to start getting in some more mileage if I'm going to do a half marathon or 10k at the end of the summer again. It's boilin hot here in Denver, but thankfully the park is very covered in trees and shady....

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Confess Sesh

1) Late at night when I can't sleep, I always play on my phone--mostly twitter or instagram...not very productive for going back to sleep though.

2) I blow my nose a lot--in fact I use probably a box of tissues every month at work. I don't like to feel congested I guess!

3) I think I tend to fall for the "Daniel Clevers" of the world...instead of the "Mark Darseys"...they are "100% sure" but never "quite sure"...yet I'm a hopeless romantic.

4) When I get really into a show, I enjoy watching entire seasons on a single weekend--Netflix has been horrible for this! My latest was Grey's I'm getting into Scandal.

5) Whenever I go to Target, I always buy some sort of lip product--be it chapstick or lip gloss. I'm kind of a "chain-glosser".

6) I secretly have a crush on Bill Rancic and Kroy Biermann---they seem like such great husbands and they're both kind of hot!

7) I don't understand how people get "cat-fished"--how are you "engaged" to someone you've only been talking to on the internet, and never met in person?...though I do love reading about it, and watching the show "Catfish" on MTV as a guilty pleasure....don't even get me started on how into the Manti Te'o case I was!:

8) Sometimes when I'm not cooking for anyone else, I just eat cereal for dinner....think that's pretty common though!

this would be kind of a dream...a big boal of JUST the marshmallows from Lucky Charm cereal hah!

9) I get a lot of magazine subscriptions--and I'm definitely the "type" who like to either read or watch tv on the treadmill.

10) I think I might be one of the few women in the U.S. who think the "50 Shades" series was only just okay--the content was mildly pornographic, but the actual writing skill was for a 4th grade reading level which bothered me....nonetheless I'm guessing the movies will be pretty sensational.

11) On one of my first dates with a guy named Dan in college, I had gone out the night before with my girl friends for a girl's night and had a Spice Girls CD in my car cd player, and right as Dan and I got into my car (his car was in the shop), the Spice Girls streamed out of the speakers....a little embarassing...haha.

12) My greatest Pet Peeves are: When people snap their gum,  when they stamp their feet when running on a treadmill, those family stick-figure bumperstickers that people put on their car windshields, Teevas, Teevas w/socks (enough said), when people wear too much makeup on their face but forget to bronze their neck and look like two different colors, when people don't tip well!

...but you can afford a $138.35 meal?

13) I CANNOT for the life of me learn to do the "beachy wave" with my flat iron...just can't do it...but I still youtube "how to" videos from time to time...epicfail.

Monday, June 24, 2013


1.  Loving this dress from Nordstroms--would be really great for a wedding this summer and looks super flattering! Coral is by far one of my favorite colors to wear--especially with a little bit of a bronzed tan.

2. So I'm not really one for the "high-low" dress look, but I instantly fell in love with how playful and colorful this dress from Forever21 is.  It's also so light and soft without being sheer--triple plus! I plan on wearing mine with flip flops and possibly a belt at the waist. Via

3.  I ran out of my trusty Olay day cream the other day while my mom was in town, and she suggest I try the Garnier Ultra Lift SPF 15 day cream goes on a little thick, but absorbs quickly and isn't greasy...I definitely think the anti-aging agents make my skin feel softer and you can never start anti-aging too soon ha! For around $13 this works great for me in my dry climate state!

4.  Not sure how many of you tuned in on Sunday night to watch Live as Nik Wallenda completed a harness-free tightrope walk across the Grand Canyon--first human to ever do so.  I just have to say his kids and wife are freaking fearless for watching him do offense, I'm glad he completed his dream, and understand this is his passion...but kind of idiotic to risk your life like that! Though, all I could think of while he was walking was the fact that he was wearing blue jeans...bootcut blue jeans at that--thought he would be wearing someting a little less easy to trip over...Thank God he made it across alive or else I would have freaked out....

Maybe not the best attire to wear while risking your life on a wire!

5.  My most recent craving as of late has been for Boca Burgers (in a original flavor) microwave them for around a minute and a half and voila a good tasting veggie burger. Not a vegetarian by any means, but this is easy and pretty low in sodium for a freezer aisle food...and tastes great with ketchup...aka anything to get ketchup into my mouth is on my good side!

6.  This week I'm really trying to hit up the movie theater to see "The Bling Ring"....looks incredibly entertaining and have heard that Emma Watson dazzles in it!...they also film inside Paris Hilton's real home, so just that alone could be cool to see:

7. Does anyone else have issues with their Tiffany necklace chains getting knotted into a billion knots? Well I certainly do...just brought in three necklaces to be fixed, and the lady at customer service told me that you should put the charm part of the necklace in one half of the Tiffany's bag, and the clasp part over the middle flap inside the bag into the second chamber of the bag if that makes sense? Definitely has worked so far in keeping my jewelry detangled, so I thought I'd pass that little tip of advice along!

8. Kind of newly obsessed with Pablo Neruda poetry--it's incredibly romantic! Feeling like I need to go out and buy his "100 Love Sonnets" book and probably drool over it!

9......finally I'll leave you with this:


Weekend Recap

This weekend went by way too quickly, but it was a lot of fun so I can't complain! On Friday after work I hit up the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art for a new art exhibit and a few drinks on their cool rooftop bar with a friend...I wore this cute printed dress from H&M--I've never really been an H&M fan, but have definitely given it more of a thought after purchasing this dress there!:

On Saturday I woke up a wee bit hungover and tired.  Made myself a pitcher of decaf iced tea, and decided to hit up the gym to get some endorphins going.

Saturday evening my friend Tristan had us girls over to her new and her boyfriend Kyle's new house (which is awesome by the way!) and we cooked up some homemade pizzas, drank a little wine, and got ready for a "Sipping & Painting" class in the Highlands.

Tristan Cheesin!


masterpieces if I do say so myself

Elise and her gluten-free pizza...looks delish still! Love that top by the way

Elise, Kellie, me, Nicki, and Tristan at "Sipping & Painting" studio.

So I'm not exactly an award winning painter...but it was fun!

On Sunday the lil P and I slept in until 9...and it felt glorious!...she was seriously such a cute little cuddle babe...but I'm also a little obsessed with her haha...

HELLO! look at those cute little thumper feet and that sleepy face of hers!

Sunday afternoon I went to Lola's in the Highlands for drinks an enjoyed the relatively mild summer weather on their porch. I also cleaned out my car..which deserves a giant pat on the back for me...went grocery shopping...worked out....and started a new series on Netflix--"SCANDAL".....which I see quickly becoming an addiction...

The show stars Kerry Washington, and I think she's gorg and such a great actress...I'll let you know after a few more episodes if I really recommend it!

Last night we had some crazy storms in the Denver area, think tons of lightening and was really kind of nice, I love summer thunderstorms...and miss them since we barely ever get them!

Saturday lazies

Saturday Laziness with this sweet girl!...dinner and "canvas & cocktails" with my Denver girls tonight!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Balcony Reveal!

Yesterday after work I had a friend over for drinks and appetizers outside on my newly designed balcony! It was a little bit on the hot side, but once I brought the fan outside we were just fine. I have great views of the city and mountains from my balcony, and my coffee table provde just big enough for the mass amount of appetizers I made--plenty of leftovers today, but I just couldn't decide what I wanted to make, so I made a lil bit of everything!

Jalopeanos stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in turkey bacon --this is a before they were cooked in the oven picture...they were SO yummy, probably my fav of the night

Prosciutto wrapped melon--not my fav, but looks pretty

crab cakes prior to being cooked.

cheese tortellini and baby tomatoes on skewers (marinated in italian dressing).

I also made these delicious blueberry crumb bars this weekend with my momma!

This past weekend my mom was in town! We had such a great time, hit up Boulder for a day--including the Boulder Farmer's Market which I really recommend...and we did a whole lot of shopping! In fact we were able to furnish my balcony, which looks adorable, and is so usable now! I'm loving it sooo much, thanks Mom!! We also went to a bunch of good restaurants in different neighborhoods of Denver, walked at Wash Park, and were basically on the move for the majority of the weekend. I miss my parents already, but am excited to see them in a few weeks for a little beach time! I love the colors we used on the balcony, and I really am loving the flowers my mom planted in potters for me--she has the green thumb in the family, not me!  For the most part everything was found at T.J. Max Home Goods, Wal-Mart, and Bed Bath & Beyond! My fav pieces are the owl side table/stool we bought, and my pillows! Really looking forward to fun times on this balcony this summer.

It's Wednesday already, and I'm kind of shocked at how fast this week is going by! Happy "hump" day!