Thursday, May 30, 2013

Prancercising on a Friday

Happy Birthday to my wonderful dad today!

Thank GOD it's Friday, I seriously am  so ready for the weekend--hiking at the flat irons Saturday morning, going to see a movie or two, laying out, running outside, and a glass of wine sound right up my alley!

I'm obsessed with this Gap perfume called "Close" that I recently purchased for under $30! It smells so perfect for summer and has a touch of Vanilla in it, my favorite. The price you really can't beat, and the bottle is very pretty. Really recommend it and I plan to wear it all summer long!

Has anyone seen The Hangover 3 yet? I am pretty sure I heard that it's nothing special, but I need a few more laughs these days, so maybe I'll have to check it out this weekend.

The works days have seemed so crazy busy yet long the last few weeks.  Maybe it's the beautiful weather outside and wanting to be out there, or the wear and tear on my heart of the last two months, but I could really use a full week off from work to just kick it...either of the two below destinations would work just fine for me!...

In other news, I would like my next car to be this 2013 BMW 320i it's gorgeous.

I'm pretty much obsessed and in love with all animals.  Cats and Dogs especially make me happy...and a golden retriever in a hankercheif is at the VERY top of my list!...if this puppy, who I shall nickname Wally, doesn't make your heart beat uncontrollably fast, then you have no soul I tell ya!....

Walter..."Wally" for short people!
 For more adorable Goldens wearing bandanas please click this:
No One Wears a Hanky Better than a Golden!--click me for happiness

I will leave you with the newest exercise craze (actually it was "invented" in 1986)...."Prancercise"--absolutley ridiculous...but why wouldn't we prance around like horses for exercise?...

Happy Birthday (almost) Dad!!!

Not sure if I'll get to le blog tomorrow, so I wanted to write this today! Tomorrow is a very special day--my wonderful Dad's 60th birthday! 60 years young I say! Thanks for being the best Dad, the most reliable man I know, and for always loving and supporting me.  You have made my life so incredibly special, and while I can't be there tomorrow with you, I hope it's a "beaut" Dad! See you in a little over a month to celebrate our way--feet in sand and a drink in our hands!

Mexico, this man sure knows how to relax poolside!!
Dad & I

baby Brett & Dad!

college graduation 2010!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend Recap

Memorial Day weekend was a whole lot of lounging. While I missed hanging wtih my parents on the east coast going to the beach house...I have to admit, not traveling was kind of nice! I spent a lot of time reading (finished the Amanda Knox book--still not entirely sure if I believe that she didn't kill her roommate, but who knows, the evidence clearly wasn't there), relaxing outside, exercising, and yes, watching Netflix of Grey's Anatomy--I  have an addiction to that show! I also went to a really great BBQ dinner at Elise's parents home in Boulder on Sunday! It was the perfect kick-off to summer, and I'm really looking forward to my next long weekend already :-)

This cutie was a total mama's girl this weekend--love her sooo much!

Driving up to Boulder

Elise & her delicious Jalaponeos stuffed with cheddar cheese & creemcheese & wrapped in bacon (cooked)! So freaking good.

get in my belly

Nicki's mom made this gorgeous cheese tray!


Pretty Tablescape

If we hadn't already eaten enough food...Elise made to-die-for cupcakes for dessert!
 Monday consisted of laying out, working out, reading Amanda Knox's book, eating this delicious popsicle from Whole Foods, watching Netflix and other things!

To say I had a hard time waking up this morning would be an understatement, but I quickly got pumped that it was already Tuesday :-)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Mondays Should Always Be Holidays

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! I certainly did a  lot of relaxing, reading, laying out, and all around chilling.  Sunday night, Elise's family had me and some other friends over to their beautiful home in Boulder for a really fun and delicious BBQ! Back to work tomorrow morning, and really dreaming of my next long weekend--totally makes a difference not having to go into work on Mondays!!


Also, wanted to say thank you to all women and men of service who are brave and fight selflessly for our freedom each and every day, I am personally the proud granddaughter of a WWII this Budweiser commercial!

Friday, May 24, 2013

What you don't want to have happen this weekend...

I'm heading out of the office early today which I'm happy about, and super ready for this 3 day holiday weekend to kick off! While I'm not entirely pumped about everything that's happening in my life this weekend, I am excited to spend time outside, hike, hang with friends, and BBQ--summer is a wonderful season :-)

Hope you have a great weekend...don't celebrate too hard though or else you might end up like Amanda Bynes in her new ridiculously bizarre mugshot from last night....dear God please tell me that is a wig...

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Arches National Park: Moab, Utah

My weekend roadtrip to Arches National Park in Moab, Utah was amazing. After a 6 hour drive after work on Friday, I was finally in beautiful Moab, Utah.  Arches National Park is famous for it's natural rock arches and the gorgeous hikes that get you there.  I was determined to see everything in this somewhat small and surprise filled park--and I think I did a pretty good job! Here are a few photos from my great trip!:

Up early and ready to beat the crowds on the Devil's Garden & Primitive loop in the morning! I took this really dorky picture to account for what I brought with me--a camelback water pouch, a hiking backpack filled with an extra t-shirt and granola bars, a hat, sunglasses, lululemon tank, nike shorts, and sneakers--oh yeah and lots of sunscreen!

The first hike of the day I did was to see Landscape Arch and Double O Arch on the Devil's Garden and Primitive Loop trails.  The total roundtrip was around 6 miles I believe--maybe a little more.  While most hikers can easily complete the well marked route to Landscape Arch...there were parts of the Primitive Trail to Double O Arch that were pretty challenging and almost downright scary!

Landscape Arch

Heading onto the Primitive Loop I had to climb along this rock cliff basically haha:

This was probably one of the more difficult rock paths to climb up on the primitive trail--this is on my way back down the trail...the trail gets a LOT more busy during the later morning, so I was happy I got there first thing in the morning before the crowds.

Double O Arch:

not really sure if that kid above me is supposed to be climbing across the Arch!!

See, a little sketchy, but awesome:

This is the next hike I did up to Delicate Arch (3 miles roundtrip):

Delicate Arch is absolutley beautiful! Probably one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen!

Balancing Rock:

The Window's Section:

Double Arch (different from Double O Arch):

After a full day of hiking, this is just what a girl needed:

I really enjoyed my time spent in Moab! The park was absolutley gorgeous, and I am so happy I was able to spend the weekend hiking in gorgeous weather surrounded by some of the most beautiful views I've ever seen. A great solo trip that southed the soul :-)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

5 Things

1. This Gap Racer dress is so adorable, easy to wear, and flattering. I love it in this kelly green color, however I would wear it in any of the four colors it comes in!
(15% off online when using the code "GapGift" at checkout)

2. I absolutley love Banana Republic for work clothes...and recently I stopped in there and spotted these two beauties! I need them in my life:

Bold Gem Necklace

Moroccan Necklace

3. I love a good maxi dress for spring & summer.  This one could probably transition into fall as well with a light blazer or jacket.  Absolutley adore the sweetheart neckline, fun watercolor print, and flowy-ness--looks incredibly chic for only $89!

Jack by BB Dakota

4.  This Kate Spade hobo is classic and I love the zipper detailing. 40% off on sale during the Nordstroms half-yearly sale too!

Kate Spade

I also really love it in the nude color too--would be perfect for work:


5. I've heard endless great things about "J Brand" Jeans and I think these are a very flattering looking pair! I love this wash!

J Brand in Ignite color

Happy for a beautiful Wednesday morning, and a fun memorial day weekend to look forward to!