Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend the weather was amazing! The sun was shining bright, and while I am suffering from a pretty bad cold right now, I still spent some fun time with my friends!

Friday night, Elise had us and a friend who was in town over for dinner at her apartment.  I brought a bottle of Hahn cabernet savignon and it's amazing. My best friend Tory introduced me to this wine, and ever since it has become my favorite when I drink!

Elise made two fabulous appetizers!

On Saturday morning the duck woke me up super early as usual. This time she was a total snug though :-).

Saturday afternoon I spent the day tanning and chatting at my friend's pool. It was a lot of fun, very relaxing, and I think I picked up a little bit of a base tan for the summer! I'm trying to get a little color before my good friends' wedding in 2 weeks!

Boss is the boss of the Stevens' household!

On Saturday night after the pool I came down with a pretty bad fever from this cold I've been suffering with.  I took some motrin and went to bed right away, and seemed to wake up well rested and non-feverish on Sunday. 

I took this as a sign that I should go to Home Depot and buy a planter and some pretty plants to put out on our balcony! It needed a little sprucing up. I think I am going to go back and buy some herbs like mint, thyme, and basil to plant on our balcony this week perhaps:

I think they turned out pretty well! Hopefully they don't die on me in this heat.

The little bug watched as we gardened!

I hit up Target after planting and decided to make myself a big batch of purred cauliflower, onion, and potato soup for the week's lunches.

I had a gift card so I picked up the magic bullet blender system, along with some stuff to make some natural protein shakes in the moring. It is sooo easy and nice! The container I take with my drink in it is the same one that I use to make the shake which makes cleaning very easy. This appliance is easily my new obsession.

New favorite breakfast: 1/2 cup of fat-free Fage greek yogurt in plain, 1 tbsp of reduced fat crunchy peanut butter, 1 banana, ice cubs, 1/2 cup of low-calorie Chocolate Soy Milk....put it all in this container, attach the blade on top and throw on the Magic Bullet Base, and voila I have myself an easy and filling breakfast!

Well off to a busy week at work. I have to complete my end of year evaluation this week. I've been going through some stuff these last few weeks, and I'm trying to stay strong and possitive that everything will work out very soon. Don't want to get into it on here at all, but all possitive thoughts are much appreciated :-).

Friday, April 26, 2013


Had such a fun dinner last night with two wonderful ladies--Elise & Tristan--at my apartment! I cooked up some scallops, crabcakes (store-bought this time), asparagus, and salad-- It was pretty yummy! Thankfully the girls brought over a bottle of wine considering I completely blanked and forgot to stop by the liquor store on the way home from the grocery.  We spent a few hours eating, chatting, and laughing which is just what this girl needed! This weekend I plan to lay out at the pool a lot and work on my summer tan...and figure out what the heck I'm going to wear to my good friends, Catherine & Gary's wedding which is in two short weeks!  I cannot believe it has snuck up on us this quickly, and I'm so incredibly happy for them.  I know they are really excited about getting married after a little more than 4 years together, but I think they are MOST excited to move into their new condo that is currently being renovated (haha jk, they are obviously more excited about tying the knot!) :-). Not a whole lot going on today other than work and a relaxing night planned filled with exercise and friends. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Gorgeous flowers delivered to me at work :-)

Tristan & Elise at our girls dinner!


Loving this "Cajun Shrimp" OPI nail springy and reminds me of my best friend "Katence" who loves this color!

Scallops are my new favorite summer them!

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Some Inspiration For A Wonderful Weekend!


Thursday Thoughts

On Sunday night I sat my ass down on the couch with Tory and watched E!'s newest reality star, Ryan Lochte, make a huge ass of himself on his new reality television show.  I like my men smart...and Ryan Lochte while incredibly good looking...appears to be lacking in the brightness category! He is however really entertaining and kind of a sweetheart despite how much of a douche he kind of is too.  Begs me to question if you can think someone is simultaneously douchey and a sweetheart? I suppose yes.....either way, I will be tuning into this train wreck of a show, because I. Can. Not. Stop. Watching.

who am I kidding...this is the picture we all really want to see....

nice work, Ry.

I know there is a whole lot of criticism going around in pop culture news (aka tabloids) about how Gwyneth Paltrow doesn't allow her young children to eat carbs and that they are "hungry all the time" because of this. While I don't agree with that....I do agree that Gwyn is pretty much the modern day Martha Stewart in the kitchen, is married to a rock star (Chris Martin from Coldplay), is best friends with Jay-Z and Beyonce, has won an Oscar, and has dated some of Hollywoods most eligible men (uhmm Brad Pit in the 90's). On top of that great fortune, this bish is 40 years old and has the body of a 22 year old stripper, or so her friends say. Well, Gwyn, you personally looked fantastic at the Iron Man 3 Premiere. And to top it off, you're People Magazine's Most Beautiful Woman In The World 2013. I'd say Gwyn had a pretty good fucking week?

In other news, the Timberlakes are all kinds of adorable as a married couple.  Justin was recently a guest on Ellen DeGeneres's talk show, and he said  "Every once in a while I can catch a glimpse of her when she doesn't see me looking, and I have this moment where I'm like, 'If you never make a good decision . . . if you only make bad decisions for the rest of your life. You made one really good decision...It's nice to marry your best friend. It suits me." TRUTH.

In random makeup news, I just bought NARS lipstick in "Dolce Vita" from Sephora, and it is so soft and the BEST color for any skin tone. It comes off very light & neutral. Get some.

Tonight I am having some girl friends over for a crab cake and salad dinner, and I'm super excited to just chill and have girl time. The weather is finally going to warm up this weekend into the 70's and I plan on hitting up a friend's pool in order to start my summer tan off right :-)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My best friend visits Denver!

This past Friday I anxiously awaited to arrival of my best friend, Tory, at Denver International Airport. She and I have been best friends since the age of 2 when we met outside of our older siblings' bus stops in our shared neighborhood. Our parents have always lived within 2 blocks of one another, and while we didn't attend middle school, high school, or college together, we could be found on any night hanging out. Tory single handedly has the best laugh in the entire world, and is the most fun person I know. We have gone through everything together, and I appreciate her friendship so much that she's like a sister to me. We had the best weekend and I'm so thankful she was able to come out to visit!!!!

On Friday night we went over to my friends Elise and Nickis' apartment for a wonderful girls dinner with a few other girls.  We had pesto shrimp pasta and a yummy appetizer, along with some awesome wine and champagne.  I forgot to take a picture, but I assure you there was plenty of girl talk and even attempts at the splits well into the night haha.

On Saturday morning, Tor and I hit up Moe's Bagel shop which as you can tell from the picture below is incredibly popular for their bagel sandwiches.  We were traditional and got two bagels toasted with cream cheese.

After stuffing our faces with our bagels, we went to Cherry Creek Mall to do what we do best: shop! Tory tried on these amazing Louboutins that literally cost as much as her montly rent...we decided they were a "wish list" find.....I tried on the most gorgeous Chanel bag, and really decided that that was a "wish list" find :-)....nevertheless it was fun!

After shopping, we decided to head over to Duffey's Cherry Cricket restaurant in Cherry Creek. This place is famous for it's burgers. I was feeling a little bit sick to my stomach so I got a salad, but Tor picked up one of their famous burgers and it was to die for.

Then we decided that we would get a car wash, which ended up taking 30 minutes of waiting in least my car was clean afterwards?

After the car wash we were a little stressed out...and decided to hit up downtown Denver for 30 minute massages! It was probably the best idea we've ever had, and while the lady really pushed on me, I felt a lot more relaxed and less stress filled in my shoulders afterwards.  Tory's masseuse was a guy, and I have to admit he was really attractive.

#yurman #matchingfriendshipbracelets?!

Saturday night, we headed out downtown and stopped over at Ocean Prime for a little surf and turf and cocktails.  We split twin lobster tails and an 8oz filet...lobster is probably my favorite food of all time, and the service there is great, so we had a really awesome dinner. We also had these champagne/dry ice/ berry cocktails made and they were so fun--kept "bubbling" well into our meal!

After dinner we took the 16th street mall bus down to the bars, instead of walking the 4 blocks to the bar in our heels, we were lucky enough to be picked up by a guy named Brian in his golf cart on Blake Street!

We bar hopped for a few hours, even attending my friend from work's birthday party at Cowboy Lounge.  So much fun....

Sunday morning I woke up and my legs were killing me from dancing in heels all night.  I also had a little bit of a headache from the shot of Fireball we took at the bar.....but, I woke up to this little duck being sooooo cute on AJ's side of the bed.....

Sunday afternoon we decided to drive up to Boulder and visit the Pearl Street Mall...the mall has so many unique shops on it, and lots of outdoor musicians playing. It was an experience I'm surprised I haven't gone through before considering I've almost been out here for 2 years! I would definitely go again!

On Monday, our last day together, Tor and I hit up  Pete's Kitchen...Tory's boyfriend Pete (who is ironically from Denver) sent us here and told us to try the Pork Green Chile.  Tory took his advice while I went with something a bit more simple--scrambled eggs and a biscuit. It was such a classic old school diner, and the food was delicious!

Afterwards, we hit up my favorite neighborhood nail salon to get mani and pedis...

Then, it started to snow on April 22nd....WTF SPRING WHERE ARE YOU?...Though, in all honesty, I kind of love snow--it's so incredibly pretty and cozy.  We snuggled with blankets back at my apartment on the couch and watched a few tv shows before I had to bring Tory back to the airport. I was soooo sad to see her leave, but I'm thankful she was able to take a few days off of work to come visit me!! Come back soon Tortor! Love you!

On Monday night after the airport, Elise invited me up for a scallop dinner. I was homesick from Tory leaving, so I was really happy to be around a great friend that night! The scallops were SOOOO yummy and fresh!

Monday night after dinner, I headed back to my apartment and the little one snuggled into our bed so sweetly!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are having a wonderful week so far!! It's finally supposed to start warming up tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to getting in a few outdoor runs the remainder of this week!