Friday, March 29, 2013


TGIF! Looking forward to a fun weekend with lots of going out, as AJ's college roomate and fraternity brother is in town!

Also looking forward to sleeping in as long as possible tomorrow morning--AJ didn't have to work today and I was incredibly jealous at how cuddled up he was when I had to get out of bed to get ready for a long day at work.

Hope everyone has a nice Easter Weekend as well--hoping this calls for some spring weather just around the corner!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Design Loves

1. The perfect amount of serene and girly guest room:

2.  A bucket of light pink peonies--the perfect romantic touch

3.  The perfect bedding!

4. Love these pillows! Polka-dots and Chevron

5. A London Chesterfield sofa....lush tufted leather w/nail heads. Handsome

6. A pair of wingbacks in this fabric would be so amazing in a sitting room with lots of natural light!

7.  Obsessed with finding an old bar cart and painting it elegant and fun....perfect for entertaining.

8.  Such a cute idea: Paint then frame a key of the first place you ever shared, and hang on a street map of the location:

9.  A hot pink front door with gold accents--so cheerful!

10.  I love the idea of a black & white gallery wall of wonderful moments in matching frames and matts

11.  The finale! Don't even get me started on how much I LOVEEEEE this dinning room table set--an industrial but sleek table with acrylic chairs--so modern.

It's Thursday, and a little grey--looking forward to 60's this weekend!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers!

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but this past weekend I made the most delicious& easy all vegetarian stuffed peppers (low-sodium) for packing in my lunches this week! Below is a picture book of instructions on how I did it! Really easy!

-Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.

-Using the directions on the back of the steamfresh mix of brownrice, wild rice, carrots and brocolli (which has no added seasonings or sauces) I microwaved this bag up.

-Once that was ready, I combined 1 can of Organic No-Salt-Added Diced Tomatoes, a handful of casserole cheese, the steamed-steamfresh bag, and  an unheated bag of MorningStar Farms Grillers Recipe Crumbles (which is vegetarian--think tofu but a LOT better--and looks like ground meat) together in a big bowl. I then cut up half an onion and stired into the mix.....

Next I washed and cut 5 green bell peppers---you could use any color bell pepper--but these were on sale at my local in a lightly oiled (EVOO) casserole dish:

I put a heaping spoonful in each pepper until filled to the rim....the leftover mix I separatley cooked in the oven and ate for dinner--so good!

I put a little salsa on the bottom of the pan....and after about 1 hour in the oven at 375 degrees F, I topped with cold salsa and a little bit of goat cheese...amazing & healthy!

I forgot to take a picture of the cooked finished product...but you get the point above!! Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Maxi Dresses On The Cheap

 I am loving a Maxi dress for Spring & Summer, and while I think they will stay in style for a few more seasons...I'm not entirely sure! That's why I think these are some of the best picks for warm weather--they're flattering, cute, and relatively inexpensive. I'm going to have to pick up a few of these before the warm weather hits!

1) I LOVE this Asos black cutout maxi--you could wear a tube top (do they make those still?) underneath it if you were looking for more coverage. At $58 I'm loving the price Via

2. This Strappy Back orange maxi by Asos is also to die for! Via

3. This is probably the dress I'm most obsessed with for Spring...I absolutley love the floral print, and the back is beautiful!Via

4. This forever21 maxi could be worn to so many things--both casual and fancy.  I love the bright blue color, and think it would look killer next to a summer tan. At just over $15, you could get every color!

 5.  Another F21 find--I love this tribal print, and the waist band is very flattering! Via

6. While I'm always a little nervous about buying stripes...the cut of this dress is flattering, and the cotton would be perfect for a warm day at Wash Park.  I'm loving this color too as it makes the white stripes not stand out as much. Via

7.  I think this maxi is beyond gorgeous.  The knit and zipper make this more of a night out maxi--something every girl it's body hugging...making it more man-friendly! Via

8.   A halter style maxi is incredibly flattering on all chest sizes.  I would wear this beauty an insane amount. Via...I would probably buy it in the coral color offered online, but this red is hot too.

9.  VS Lightly Paded Bra Top Dress---this is the dress I would wear the most out of all of these.  I Love the sweetheart neckline with the spaghetti straps. For $80 at Victoria's Secret, this is a real steal for a classic. 

10.  A little bonus, if you're looking for the perfect white pant for summer these Gap Legging Skimmer pants are really flattering and comfortable & on sale! Via

These Forever21 Life In Progress Straight Leg Jeans are also very flattering for white...they are regular lenght on me when I tried them on (as opposed to high waters on this model!) Via

Anyhow these are some of my favorite summer and spring picks this year--all VERY decent prices too!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Recap

I had a great weekend and even slept in until 10am on Sunday, which is unheard of!

Friday night it started snowing after work...AJ and I took it easy, watched tv shows and hit up Target late night.

I got some supplies (chocolate chip cookie dough and double stuff oreos) to make Chocolate-Chip Cookie DOugh covered Oreos for a birthday party & housewarming party at my friends' apartment the next night. They turned out pretty well and it's such a fun and easy dessert to make:

Saturday we got around 10 inches of snow I would say. It's still really cold here this morning so unlike usual, the snow has stuck around.  Walking to work was a bit icy and dicey this morning, but I love the look of snow. 

Saturday night I tried something different with my hair.  Using my hair curler, I created "beach waves" by simply wrapping my hair in 1 inch pieces around the curler while NOT using the clamp down. This creates softer, less intense waves--me likey.

I actually didn't end up wearing this outfit--but love this green color! Old Navy dress mixed with a Louis Vuitton bag & Nars lipstick:

The party on Saturday night was really fun! I had a great time :-) AJ and I stayed up afterwards until past 2am listening to music.

Sunday I did a bunch of laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, went to Target, and baked some stuffed Peppers for lunches this week.  I'll share this recipe later this week (it's vegetarian).

Last night AJ brought me on a movie date--we picked up frozen yogurt on the way at my favorite froyo place, then snuck it into Silver Linings Playbook--which is amazing! I love Jennifer Lawrence...and Bradley Cooper isn't too hard on the eyes :-)

Now off for a busy day at work, hoping this week warms up fast!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Snowy Saturday

It's blizzarding out and I just cooked up a batch of chocolate chip cookie covered Oreos for a dessert party tonight to celebrate a friend's birthday and their housewarming as well! Thankfully AJ and I live in the same building as them with all this snow!

Friday, March 22, 2013

A New Car & A Friday!

First things first, it's FRIDAY!!!!! I'm seriously happy about that...though this week did go shocking fast!

A few exciting things happened over the last two days.....

The most exciting thing was that we got a new car!!! Well technically A.J. did, and it's amazing.  2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited to be exact, in black with beige leather interior.  There really is nothing better than the smell of new leather. He did an expert job of researching and haggling with the dealerships, and was so good he even got them to throw in a free ski-rack and tint the windows to his liking! This masterpiece has a million  gadgets that I dont think I would ever use, but hey, that is the the difference between a man and a woman right (well in our case anyhow)!?

Butta on my Booty

New & Happy Jeep Owner!

I may have to sneak in a few lessons on how to boulder a mountain while driving the Jeep...just kidding Mom...:-)
Secondly, I received an Amazon giftcard from my parents as one of my lovely bday gifts from them, and I just bought a Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS Watch in Pink & White with part of it! Has anyone ever used one of these to run with? I'm super excited to get this baby tomorrow in the mail.  It will track my mileage, run time, average pace, route, calories burned, and also has the date&time on it too.  It doesn't hurt that it's pink & white-- and doesn't look too bulky which will be important. A lot better than running with my iPhone to track my runs.  Plus it stores up to 5 runs with all the information about them...and you plug it into your computer to charge and to upload the information to keep for as long as you wish. Really excited to learn how this works and step up my spring & summer outdoor workouts with it!

This weekend we're going to a little birthday/housewarming party on Saturday night at my friends' Elise and Nicki apartment...Don't really have much else on the books, which is nice, since the next couple of weekends we are going to be welcoming guests (which I am SO excited about!).  I need to finish off with the bedding for our new King sized bed and tidy up a little around the apartment...and I really want to make a fire on Saturday afternoon in the fireplace that we have yet to use--it's supposed to snow Saturday so it might be the last time we can really use it before it heats up!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Summer Dress Picks

As it's about to be wedding season, and in May, I'm personally attending the wedding of one of my closest friends from middle school & high school, Catherine, I thought it might be fun to look through to pick out some great dresses to wear to wedding events this spring and summer! I have never used RentTheRunway before, but I love the concept of spending a fraction of the price of a designer dress to rent it for one weekend, rather than splurging on a dress you may only wear a handfull of times. They mail you two sizes of the dress you pick, an a return box with paid postage so that after the event you can just put your (un-drycleaned) dress back in the mail to Rent The Runway. Sounds easy enough! Here are some of my favorites:  All Dresses Found Here

1. Classic teal with a fun hemline

2. This Badley Mischka dress is a gorgeous red and I love how flowy the chiffon is!

3. This BCBG dress is covered in lace overlay.  I love the bohomeian feel of it

4.  This Herve Ledger dress is an upgrade from the typical tight bandage dress--this one hits tight in all the right places--has a very flattering fit:

5. This Allison Paris dress is delicate, fun, and edgy. I love the ultra-feminine gold details on the princess skirt with the edgy cutouts on the sides and the back.

6. This Carlos Miele dress looks like it should be worn in the French countryside--in love with the patterned fabric and lovely layers

7.  This Milly dress is incredible.  I love how unique the sleeves are, and the fabric is so fun & young!

8. This Narcisco Rodriguez dress is so simple yet sexy. It would look amazing with a summer tan and natural makeup....but not for the weary--white can be difficult to wear! *probably wouldn't wear this to a wedding...unless I was the bride....or unless you really jazzed it up with a very colorful cardigan and funky colored jewelry...better not to wear white to a wedding!

9.  This Erin by Erin Featherton dress is by far my favorite color this season--coral! Coral looks great on pretty much any skin tone, and this peplum is actually very figure-flattering.

10.  I'm loving the emerald green color in this Halston Heritage dress.  While I dont know if i'd like how high cut the neckline is, it's a very classy dress that could be worn with either simple or intense jewelry.

11. This eggplant, lace Trina Turk mini would be so wonderful for a fancy date night this summer

12. Last but not least, I LOVE the color combination and cut of this BCBG dress! It would be so much fun to wear during the summer months and doesn't take itself too seriously.

Do you have a favorite dress for summer events?