Monday, December 30, 2013

A Look Back on 2013

I decided to do a "look back" on 2013 this took a lot of time but I'm sure I will be happy I did it when I look back on my blog in the years to come!!
January 2013:

My then-boyfriend and I rang in the New Year with a lovely dinner at Prime Steakhouse in Denver with my Dad, and then spent the rest of the night at an open bar party with our friends

We also spent most of the month on the ski slopes and even went Snowmobiling with our buddies for the first time...which is so fun but a little bit scary!


I traveled to Mexico to spend a week with my mom and dad and a bunch of our family friends enjoying the sun and celebrating 60th birthdays!!

We spent a great Valentine's Day at a restaurant in Wash Park!

AJ and I moved out of our first apartment, and into a new 2-bedroom unit...and furnished that baby with a new king sized bed and massive TV...which in hindsight was probably a bad idea haha!


I celebrated my 2-5th birthday this month! And spent a fantastic morning drinking Guiness beer for Saint Patty's Day with friends...also kept skiing away!

Also went to my first Nuggets game at the Pepsi Stadium


Had my heart broken which seriously sucked, but spent plenty of the month enjoying time with girlfriends...found out a lot about myself and cried a shitload!

My best friend, Tory, also came to visit Denver for the first time, and we had SUCH a blast!

I also spent some time by the pool with girl friends....showed me how crazy Denver weather is--one day it's snowing, the next it's pool weather!


I headed home to Virginia for a long weekend at the Homestead Resort & Hotel to watch one of my best friends, Cat, get married to the love of her life! It was such a beautiful and fun weekend, and I am so happy we got to go!

I also went on a very healing solo hiking trip to Moab, Utah for a long weekend! It was exceptionally gorgeous and I'm so glad I made the trip!

I spent a fun Memorial Day at Elise's parents' home in Boulder with friends too!


Spent most of this month hanging with friends, meeting new people, and enjoying the beautiful outdoors that Colorado has to offer! My Momma also came to visit, we furnished my balcony and had a great time!


we celebrated mae's birthday!

I also went to my Parent's beach house in NJ for the 4th of July long Weekend spent by the pool & in the Ocean!! Spent most of the month hanging out with friends as well, and enjoying summer by the pools in Denver!


In August I lost my sweet baby Freckles after 20+ years of love. I will miss him eternally.

I also started dating again during the summer, and remembered how good I am at juggling that dating is fun, but also really annoying, you definitely can't expect every (or sometimes, any) guy you go out with to be your guy!...In late August, I headed home for 10 days for a beach weekend with my best friends and a long week at home which was much needed!

I also went for a long weekend in Steamboat Springs this month!

In September I went on a great trip to Skinner Hut just outside Leadville, it was really pretty and it snowed! I spent a lot of this month going out with friends and eating at awesome new restaurants!


The girls and I started our basically weekly Supper Clubs...and I met someone really fun!

I attended my first Miami Alumni Denver Chapter happy hour!


The first real snow of the season happened on November 21st!

I spent Thanksgiving in Denver with some of my wonderful group of friends!! Carson & Matt hosted at their home!

Oh yes, and Pean is still with me and I love her sooo much!!

December 2013

My friend Bridget hosted a really great crafting & wine party to make holiday decorations, and all in all i got in the holiday mood!

Tristan came to visit for Elise's 26th birthday as well!

I went home for Christmas--which was amazing!

Oh yeah, and I did a lot of cooking this year!!

All in all 2013 was a learning and growing experience! I am proud of myself for putting on my grownup-panties and working through some big changes.  Ultimately I made myself a fun life in Denver, met some really fantastic people this year, and I am happier with myself than ever before! I have learned what's important, and happiness is definitely key amongst them, and I have also learned to just get on with your life. Looking forward to what 2014 brings, hopefully it is something wonderful!!