Friday, November 30, 2012

5 Things I'm Loving Now

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5 Things
1) If you haven't visited the website "What Should We Call Me" then you are seriously missing out. It's be careful if you view while in the office, I have to save it for my lunch hour!

These are some of my favorites this week (click links below):

Spotting My Crush

The Reason I don't Answer My Office Phone After 4pm On A Friday

Leaving Work Early

Fun In The Back of the Car

Hearing My Mom Admit I was Right About Something

Hooking Up After Too Many Drinks

...Check this website out for a lot of great laughs!...or if you're bored :-).

2)  Messy Lasgna:

I made this on Monday night, and it's easy breezy.

1 bottle of pasta sauce
1/2 onion chopped up finely
1 Green pepper finely chopped
Shredded Cheese (I probably used about 1.5 cups)
Barilla No-Boil Lasgna Sheets (used probably around 9 pasta sheets so had a few leftover)
Ricotta Cheese (use as much as you want).

 Really painless...layer some pasta sauce on an oiled caserole dish, then crumble up 2-3 of the pasta sheets on top of that layer of sauce, add on some onion & green pepper, top that with Ricotta and Shredded cheese, then keep on going until you have used all of your ingredients! I would recommend having a little extra pasta sauce (or mixing everything with a large utensil when you're finished) to pour on top just on the casserole, just to make sure all of your pasta pieces are covered as they need the liquid in the sauce to cook up nicely. BAM! You have a messy lasagna that tastes amazing but took 1/2 the time to put together!!

Really revolutionary in the Lasagna making field--No-Boil Necessary noodles! Cook as 
they bake!

I added more sauce and cheese on top of this layer so all of my pasta pieces were covered in a liquid.

Cook for 1 hour at 375!

3) My style is usually a lot girlier than these...but I have a love for all accessories leopard print & the punky-studs make these loafs so cool....and for $56, Topshop makes a steal!


4) I tend to stick to dark-wash denim and pants because of it's more slimming abilities. However, these silk JCrew Pants are absolutley gorgeous! For the brave of heart  Via:

5) Last Sunday while on a 6am flight back to Denver from Washington, DC I really could have used a sleeping mask cover for my eyes to blind out the obnoxious people reading that early in the morning while the rest of us were trying to snooze! These would do the trick :-) Via

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Giveaway!--Charleston Naturally Skin Care Products!!

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Charleston Naturally

I am always looking for the next best thing when it comes to skin products (both face and body), makeup, and hair.  Living in such a dry place where we are both very close to the sun and ski practically every winter weekend, has given me a new appreciation especially for body and face creams. I try each day to keep my skin soft and protected against the elements and aging.

I however wasn't really loving any of the creams I was using, other than my Oil of Olay day lotion, but even that was not providing enough nourishment for my parched skin throughout these fall/winter days. When Carly from Charleston Naturally contacted me about trying out a few new products I thought it was a sign, and jumped at the chance to try out some of the natural and organic products (note: they only sell organic and natural products) from their website!

Prior to use, I was a little skeptical at how durable and hard working a product with only natural and organic ingredients could be, so I did a little review to let you know what I thought of the four below products!:

1) 80 Acres Blood Orange Hand & Body Lotion--this hand and body lotion smells amazing! The blood orange scent is just strong enough to enjoy but not overpowering so I have kept it on my work desk for the last few weeks so that I can apply it every morning. I have seen a rapid improvement in the health of my cuticles (not as many hang nails) and my manicure seems to last longer since using this lotion for some reason. This product is all natural, and infused with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. While when you first put it on it may seem a bit greesy, the lotion soaks in within a minute or so, and I can tell that this particular ingredient really contributes to the long-lasting moisturizing affect of the product. My hands are soft to the touch and I really love how asthetically pleasing the packaging is as well, I will certainly keep using this lotion!

2) Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Day Cream--This day cream is very rejuventating as soon as you put it on. I love how soft my skin feels and that I don't feel like I have to reapply throughout the day like I normally do with other products. It isn't heavy on my face or neck, and tingles a bit like mint for a coupel seconds when you first apply. This is perfect for my sensitive skin, and provides a good base for my concealer and tinted BB cream. I also love that this cream contains anti-aging natural organic rosehip seed oil which works to renew skin cells, soften fine lines, and improve elesticity! Since it is a certificed natural facial cream, I feel really good about putting this on my skin.  My only con with this lotion is that the wild rose scent is a little strong (though not overwhelming) and that I have to use a separate SPF. But for how nourishing this cream is, I'm okay with the extra step!

3) Dr. Hauschka's Regenerations Serum--I used this serum after washing my face each night for a week. It has a somewhat pine-needle/tea tree oil scent. It's a clear gel serum and feels refreshing on my face. The serum dries pretty instantaneously and is oil free. This product felt a bit dry on my skin, but it is definitely revitalizing and fresh. It felt a lot less drying once I used the Sukiface Intensive Nourishing Cream on top. I really like the smell of this serum, however I think this product would be best for a user in a more humid climate.

4) Sukiface Intensive Nourishing Cream with Brightening Cream--This was probably my favorite product that I tried from Charleston Naturally. It has a very nice and light floral lemon scent, and you only need to use a few drops--a little goes a long way with this cream! This cream goes on milky on my sensitive, dry skin and leaves my skin soft to the touch. My face glows in a non-greesy way, more like as if I had just used a dab of illuminating makeup. Fresh, clean, and nourishing, I love how this cream evens tone and after just a week of using it I can tell my skin is getting more of what it needs. This cream really proved to me that natural, organic ingredients can get the job done just as well. I woke up each morning and was very impressed with how soft my skin still felt--and that I showed no signs of irritation or blemishes. Absolutley recommend this cream if you are looking for something new and improved from your old nighttime routine!

If you would like to check out some of the products Charleston Naturally offers on their website, my readers from Stilettos Stuck In Snow may use the following  promo code for 20% off your order-- just enter the code "SNOW" at checkout!!

I will also be doing a GIVEAWAY of products in the next few days, so make sure to check back for entry details to add some wonderful products to your vanity!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekend Refresh

Thanksgiving break was so great! I spent a lot of quality time with my family, best girlfriends, and my family cat Freckles! I arrived on Wednesday early afternoon and went to lunch with my family including my Grandma which was such a great start to my break. Wednesday night my girlfriends and I met up and went out to a local bar called Whitlow's which is where all Arlington kids go the day before Thanksgiving each year--it was fun but a little overwhelming to run into so many people I hadn't seen in a long time.  Thursday, we ate at our family friend's house though my mom and dad always make a bunch of dishes and a turkey to bring over. My mom's stuffing was SO delicious this year--wish I had some today for lunch! Friday I did a little Black Friday shopping with my mom and scored the perfect fitting pencil skirt at Banana Republic (will share later this week!). The rest of the weekend I kind of just hung out with friends and family members and enjoyed the comforts of home! It was so wonderful being back in Virginia for the long weekend, though it is very nice to be back in Denver with my babe and our Peanut!

My girls!
Missing AJ!

At Tory and Katie's Apartment

At Whitlow's Wednesday night

Tory and Pete talking to each other via phone haha

Gimme dat!


He didn't really eat that haha

My Uncle's Plate with a HUGE turkey leg!

My Dad thought it would be funny to throw the turkey leg on my plate haha

Happy as a clam!

My delish plate for Thanksgiving--so full just looking at it!

The guys cutting up one of the two turkeys

Brother, Sister, Turkey...

Apple Pie my Aunt made

Family Friend's dinning room.

 Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Jet Plane

On a Jet plane don't know when I'll
be back again...okay that's not entirely true...sitting in the last row aisle seat in coach class for a 3+ hour plane ride at 7am...and I'll be back in Colorado come Sunday...only thing keeping me going are the lovely faces I'll see when I land!! :-)

Safe travels to everyone on their way home!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Hope you are having a wonderful and blessed holiday with your family! Today I am back in my hometown with my family and best girlfriends--pretty excited about this little break! I am so very thankful and lucky in this life and thank God every day for my many blessings.


First of all, I am so so thankful that I have a wonderful family who I can depend on for anything and everything, and who love me to the moon and back. I love you guys more than you know!

Girl Friends

I am also so incredibly thankful for my wonderful, supportive, fun, and loving best girl friends. While you all live spread out across the country these days, I am eternally greatful for your friendships! So much laughter, comfort, and fun with you ladies! Love you all!!

My Fur-Babies

I am also incredibly thankful for my little fur-babies who bring me so much comfort and happiness! Freckles who turns somewhere between 19 and 20 this year has been my fur baby since I was a baby! And Peanut who is such a doll and seriously brings major love into our home, so thankful we adopted you from the shelter that one day! You both are lights in my life!


I also feel so blessed to have the great job that I have, especially at a time when not everyone is so fortunate. I am lucky to have co-workers that I genuinely like and work strongly with, and that my bosses are really cool. I am also very blessed to be able to walk to and from work each day, and love that I work for a company I am proud of.


To be in love with my best friend is the biggest blessing in life! AJ is the best boyfriend, best friend, best love, best roomie that a girl could ever hope for and I still sometimes have to pinch myself because he is so hot! So proud of you babe! True love is something I pray for for all of my loved ones, friends, and family.

Finally, I am so thankful for my strong faith in God and my faith that he will never put something in front of us that he knows we can't handle--this keeps me possitive and living every day. A belief in something and someone much bigger than myself and this world makes me feel safe and content.

This past year has been incredible, we moved to Colorado, started new jobs, and met some really amazing new friends. I am thankful for this life, this adventure, and can't wait to see where it leads us......

I am also incredibly thankful this Thanksgiving for sour gummy candies, 40%  off coupons at my favorite stores, salads from Chipotle, Louis Vuitton's genius, snowstorms, my upcoming Mexico family vacation, seeing my best girlfriends this weekend, for this new blog that I started two months ago where I get to share the things I love and my life which I really enjoy, for technology for allowing me to stay in close touch with the ones I love no matter where we are in this world!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING Ya'll!! Now off to help my mama with some cooking!

Loving Now!

Hope everyone is getting ready for a nice long weekend of Thanksgiving with their families. I leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow for what will be a nice weekend at home with my family and friends! I'm excited for my mom's famous sausage stuffing, as well as the sweet yam soup my family friend Ester makes....and I always save room for a slice of my Dad's Apple Pie!! I'm also looking forward to some Black Friday shopping!

Here are some things I'm loving now

1) JCrew Collection Cashmere Pocket Sweater in HOT pink is fun but functional Via

2)  This leather pencil skirt from Zara gives you appropriate coverage while following the leather trend this season. It is such a perfect skirt and a very reasonable price! You would wear this classic forever. Via

3) This Bodycon with leather details dress by Zara is very body flattering. This dress is one to remember. Via

4) I'm also really into these treadmill workouts that I found on a fitness blog site called "10 Killer Treadmill Workouts" found here will keep you in shape and running fast throughout the winter months! I love how these keep you interested because the intensity is constantly changing and they are on average 25 minute long workouts. Quality over Quantity when it comes to cardio sounds good to me!

I did Workout #1: Fartlekt-25 minutes on went by seemingly fast, and I felt great after! Via

5)  These Shirataki Tofu Noodles are one of my new favorite healthy pasta substitutes. With only ~40 calories per bag (a big cereal bowl full) and 3g of Carbs per serving, you can eat the whole bag in one sitting and not feel guilty. They smell a little funky at first so make sure you follow the directions to wash the noodles before cooking--other plus is they only take around 3 minutes to cook via Microwave, so they make the perfect post-work quick dinner.  They come in different style noodles--such as Fettuccinni, Linguini, Angel Hair, and Spaghetti style--and I found them in the refrigerator isle at Whole Foods for around $3 a bag! Grab them up ladies! 

6) I'm absolutley adoring these faux-fur throws by WestElm! They are so stylish whether thrown over the end of your bed, or draped over a chair. So sophisticated, stylish, and animal friendly. Via

7)  Finally, after my post on what skin and makeup products I most love to use, Carly from Charleston Naturally contacted me and kindly sent me a few of her favorite organic & natural products to try out. I love that this company only carries organic products that are also effective, and I feel really good about slathering them on! I can't wait to reveal my experiences with these products next week, and I also can't wait to share these products with you in my first giveaway which I will announce early next week!

Hope you all have a great Tuesday :-) 2 days til Turkey!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Give me a Sunless Tanning Lotion that doesn't smell like crap!

Why is it that right around this time of year, I start wishing I was back in college at an age where I was able to justify tanning in a tanning bed when I felt pale?....I start loosing my summer tan (okay, I've completely lost it, my stomach is officially as pale as my bare ass) and instantly I feel this itch to hop in a tanning bed again. I also feel it's a little unprofessional to show up to work wearing an ungodly amount of bronzer (looking orange like Snooki--not cute) are some examples from my past of tanning beds & gobs of bronzer....

Spring Break freshman year....give me a little bit of slack on this one....

My dead of winter tan...

My gorgeous best friends!
Miami of Ohio girls have a reputation for being tan all year round.

Best least it's summer time!
My babe and I on vacation in Mexico...I probably don't ever need to get that tan ever again!

BUT I WON"T GIVE IN TO THIS TANNING BED URGE!!!!! Since the day I turned 22 I decided to say goodbye to the tanning beds, and slather on sunscreen every day, and keep out of the sun unless I'm on a beach trip--then I can get myself a little sprinkle of a tan....

First of all, I'm trying to preserve this skin so that later on in life I don't look like a piece of leather....ala "tan mom"...

Secondly, wrinkles and sunspots are not hot. I know a lot of people think that some magic pill is going to pop up that will reverse the signs of aging by the time we hit the botox/plastic surgery mark....but I'm not going to take my chances about that probable myth.

 While the last few years I've just gone pale, this year, I would like to find a sunless tanner or a sunless tanning gradual lotion that doesn't smell like crap, or leave streaks...or make you look yellow. Is that too much to ask?...

Last night I pulled out an old (probably 3 years old...that can't be good) tube of Jergens Natural Glow daily gradual sunless tanning lotion....and yes, I actually applied it...

-Pros about this lotion: I like the fact that it's gradual because I feel like that leaves more room for error streaks wise, and it  looks a bit more natural than going from Pale-->SUN GODDESS overnight.
-Cons:  After having slept in it, I just can't handle the chemical smell. Maybe it's improved in the last few years & I just need a new bottle?

Either way, I'm in dire need of sunless tanning lotion/foam/gel/whatever type suggestions that you swear by for that golden bronze look?! Preference would be that it smells half decent, isn't too expensive, and that it is easy-ish and not too messy to apply. Natural/Organic options would be great too if that even exists!

Please let me know what you use and love to save me from the pale winter mess (and maintain a wrinkle-free look)!?